Yaçaí Yoga Events

Yacai Yoga Retreat – 22/07/2017 

Connecting Yoga with Wellbeing in this mini retreat.



Yacai Yoga – Winter Retreat – 06/01/2018

Embracing the change of the new season, setting new intentions within ourselves and bringing the focus back to the body and the breath



Yacai Yoga – Spring Retreat 14/04/18

Embracing all spring has to offer by cleansing our insides and sweating out any toxins we hold in both the mind and the body.




 Yoga With Tyler- Heart & Hip opening Workshop  12/05/18

This workshop is based on building Emotional resilience and removing any emotional tension, one thing in which we hold onto in the hips and the heart on a daily basis. The tension we hold deep within our muscles is also a major cause of stress in which we carry in our everyday lives, not only in our relationships but into our careers, friendships, appearance and general decision making.


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Yacai Yoga – Acro workshop – TBC

Testing your limits with this intensive Acro-Yoga workshop.