Yaçaí Yoga

What is Yaçaí Yoga?

Creating a base where people from all walks of life can connect through one form and that is Yoga.  We bring our life to the mat each and everyday along with the problems and siatuations that we hold in our heads but we often forget that the reason you come to the mat is to forget those problems for a little while whilst you work on creating the balance between the head and the heart.  The aim of Yaçaí Yoga is not to create a resolution for those problems but to create a space where you can let go and connect to your true self.  Yoga means Union, to connect as one.


Each event is catered to one theme revolving around the elements.  As the founder I wanted to really dive deep into our roots featuring: Earth, Water, Fire, Space and Air. Being an earth sign myself,  I found that whenever I was connected to the earth I felt more in tune with my body and it’s intution which majority of us forget about but is the most crucial part of decision making in this day and age.  Your intuition lies within the deepest part of your lower body. When you connect with this intuition you are using your animal instincts to understand the situation which is important for you as your head sometimes leads you astray in decision making.

Our Aim

Lastly, Yaçaí wants to combine fittness and wellbing alongside Yoga. The power of having a healthy body, healthy mindset is crucial for living a happy life. Our Aim to bring those together during our Events so you can really optimise your strengths and weaknesses whilst being surrounded by knowledgable teachers who are there to help you push through those barriers of fear and doubt.

“We live as one. Connect as one.  We live a life of balance”.  – Tyler Whitworth