Yaçaí Yoga Events




Yacai Yoga – Summer Retreat – 04/08/18

This workshop is based on blending fluid flows, working on expanding the flexibility within the body, a yang class with a hint of inversion practice and partner work to really help you get on top of your balances and closing down with with some deep and restorative Yin to give you the ultimate half day retreat filled with wellness, great people, delicious snacks, awesome goodie bags, and 3 hours of pure yoga.



Yoga With Tyler – Backbends & Spinal Twists 07/07/18

This workshop is based on backbends and spinal twists. Working deep with in the vertebras to create space within the spine, we will be twisting and detoxifying our internal organs whilst elongating the spine with each posture.




 Yoga With Tyler- Heart & Hip opening Workshop  12/05/18

This workshop is based on building Emotional resilience and removing any emotional tension, one thing in which we hold onto in the hips and the heart on a daily basis. The tension we hold deep within our muscles is also a major cause of stress in which we carry in our everyday lives, not only in our relationships but into our careers, friendships, appearance and general decision making.


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Yacai Yoga – Spring Retreat 14/04/18

This workshop is based on cleansing and restoring the body back to its natural state. With each new year, we throw our bodies into changes they don’t fully adapt to which causes tension to build within the body and therefore releases stress that can occupy the mind and create an unbalance in your life.




Yacai Yoga – Winter Retreat – 06/01/2018

Embracing the change of the new season, setting new intentions within ourselves and bringing the focus back to the body and the breath



Yacai Yoga Retreat – 22/07/2017 

Bringing Yoga and Wellbeing to the fierce and dedicated. The day is all about self indulgence, letting go of stress and having some fun at this Health and Wellbeing event.