Everyday Yoga



A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

Since arriving into Australia I have found that their are a spectacular amount of yogis about the place. I didn’t start attending classes until I got settled in , in cairns. I started at this place called the yoga hub and although I was limited to paying for lots of classes, I found one on a sunday that I could attend that was for a reasonable donation. The classes were led by This Yogi called lucy. She started every class off with a state of breathing to get you into the mind set to begin a very concentrated class.

As you can see on the picture above, these are the classic types of positions that yoga teaches you. You always start with the breathing to get the circulation in your blood flowing right through your body until you feel ready to start. Yoga for me is a type of meditation because whenever I step into that studio , not just because of the mood the studio sets out for you but when i enter I feel a room full of positive energy that creates a mood and a setting which is perfect to work with. Meditation is another topic all together so you can check that out in my other pages.

I was told that yoga everyday can heal great wounds that trouble us all, even if it is the simple downward dog to help ease our lower back and to help with the breathing / circulation to the heart.


You have two sides to your body , your right is your YIN and your left is your YANG. These two in collaboration work perfectly together when doing yoga, although you sometime’s find one side to be less strengthened than the other , the two most of the time work alined. Yoga allows you to access parts of your body you never really used before to create this state of awareness throughout our bodies. Yin and Yang can also symbolise a state of balance through the brain to the heart which creates the sense of spirituality , it is believed that when you find your balance to Yin and Yang you reach this state of spirituality and see past your body and your senses and become tranquil to the world behind you. Yoga can be suppressed as a way of getting to god, although my beliefs do not lead me there I can understand why some people feel that way when in a balanced state of Yin and Yang that they can connect.

The link below gives more insight to understanding yoga from a Yogis perspective, I would recommend reading if you are willing to start.



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