Hand Luggage essentials?

We all have that one make-up bag with products in that we cant live with out. Maybe its a concealer that’s pure magic on the skin? Maybe it’s a eye cream that works wonders for them lines under your eyes? Or maybe its just a simple cleansing wipe for them hot days? Heres what I must have in my bag at all times, Judge if you must but these are my essentials.

  1. NARS CONCEALER I repeat I can not and will not live with out my Nars concealer. I have fair skin so the occasional blemish will appear from time to time, what is worse than having s bright red spot on the face of life? HMMM NOTHING…. My nan treats me to my make up every now and again so she introduced to Nars not so long ago, it was defiantly a god send for me. The brand is quite pricing but nothing beats a concealer thats stays matte all day long and completely covers everything that needs covering. My say is BUY BUY BUY.
  2. VICTORIA SECRETE BODY SPRAY Not only do these angels look smoking, they smell incredible. I am not the only girl who enjoys the compliment of being told I smell amazing and for such a cheap price too! This spray last’s a good couple of months maybe years if your careful, they also have deals on all the time at victoria Secrete so head on down there now, trust me you’ll thank me and so will your partner(Winky face inserted here)
  3. TWEEZERS I have always loved the name tweezers, not only do they sound funny but they work miracles on a daily basis. Name me one person who does not own a pair of tweezers? Them stray hairs will never be the same again.
  4. SUKIN MOISTURISER  I suffer from a problem called dry skin, this baby has everything I need for a pick-me-up on cold days, its also Vegan and made with a whole lot of goodness too. If your prone to the occasional dry skin a small dose of this cream will work wonders.
  5. EYELASH CURLERS My natural lashes are quite good as I don’t wear alot of mascara however they do need a pick me to look good and this is the secret. Eyelash curlers can range from cheap to expensive depending on the brand, my personal favourite is MAC but thats because I like to spend money on products that last me quite along time. Can’t live with out and you know it!