Beauty Regime Whilst Travelling

Whilst travelling I have found it exceptionally hard to keep up a routine that’s quick and easy to adapt to any situation. Don’t you just hate it when you have to share the hostel toilets with other people or when the sinks super dirty and you can’t even bare the sight of looking into it never mind using it. What I have found out since having a friend at Clinique is that your skin needs a routine morning and night to keep the balance, it’s harder when your travelling because you don’t always have the necessities which you need but I am here to save you!

As a traveller currently touring Australia I have found a routine that’s about 3 minutes long to help keep your skin Healthy and supple during those hot days and early mornings, it’s also super cheap too which makes it all the more reason to do it. I have dry skin so these products are manly for dry to combination skin.

STEP ONE – Wash face with warm water and a textured cloth.

Everybody knows how bad dry/dead skin is to the face, it’s like having hairy legs, NOT WANTED! A quick exfoliate to help get rid of all the dead cells and oil invasion on your face to get ready for that golden glow from the sun. Plus the mitt is only £1-2 $2 so it’s a budget yet extremely necessary product.

$1 from any chemist or supermarket.

STEP TWO – Wash face with goat soap.

Since arriving here I have found how much of a god send goat soap is. It’s pure, vegan and more importantly it’s full of essential oils.  A good soap is hard to find when you’re traveling and to find o e that doesn’t get all messy when bulking it around in your backpack but this soap is amazing. For the oiler Skin types you can go for coconut oil infused or a more exfoliating one with oatmeal in. Great for refreshing the face after along trip or a night out. Also leaves a good glow on the skin, who doesn’t like a good glow?

Goat soap – £1/$2

STEP THREE – Tone. Always tone 

Toning the skin is like washing the dog, ANNOYING but essential. It clears away the dirt and bacteria left on your face even after the exfoliate and scrub. Sukin toner – it’s vegan, it’s cheap and it’s a perfect combination with the goat soap.

Sukin toner = $7/£3.50

STEP FOUR – moisturiser or die 

Moisturising for people like me is as essential as walking, no matter how much I cover myself in it I still end up with those dry legs or chest. After your beauty routine is done end it with some suncream so if you are hitting the lounge chairs for some rays or even going skiing you skin feels supple and fresh the whole day through. If you are someone like me who spends a lot of time outside and your face gets caught in the weather majority of the time it’s probably best to carry a moisturizer in your bag just for those moment, I’d be shivered up in the corner if I didn’t. My favourite moisturizer is by far the Sukin one, it creates a nice thin layer of moisture on the face that lasts all day. It’s also dirt cheap too.

Sukin moisturiser – £5/€10 

I hope this will help a lot of the travellers out there to keep their skin fresh and healthy whist it only take a few minutes to do.  Don’t leave your skin behind you’ll regret it in the long run…..


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