Essentials for Packing

So I thought it would be a great idea to help you with what to pack if you ever go travelling. There is honestly a big secret to travelling light whilst away and it is


It may be hard to believe but the amount of people who have told me that they brought their life with them thinking that all sorts of situations might occur, to be honest hardly of them ever happen, true to this day I met a traveller who only brought one t-shirt, pants and one pair of flip-flops, so trust me you’ll be fine. This is also for the people who are travelling for over 6 months not people going to Spain without their parents for a week….

I’ll tag some links on how to pack your case/backpack in certain ways to cram as much stuff as you can into your 70L bag. however I am here to tell you about some essentials that I haven’t been able to live without since travelling so I recommend you  pack while I write this….

  1.  TRAVEL WALLET. This is the most important item you will carry because it literally is your life.
  2. TOOTH-BRUSH AND TOOTH PASTE as for plane journeys get long and smelly.
  3. MICRO FIBRE TOWELS are the greatest invention on the planet. Serious.
  4. TRAVEL ADAPTERS, when you find you have forgotten yours and you have to pay for a new one……. OUCH
  5. TRAVEL JOURNAL, you never know where your adventure might lead you, you could die and that would be the last place you wrote.
  6. INSTAX MINI 8 CAMERA , anything that takes a memory, you will never go wrong with a camera at your side.
  8. SUN CREME days can be tough with out it.
  9. BOOK, Any book.
  10. INSECT REPELLENT Another god send
  11. UNDERWEAR, im talking 100x pairs of undies
  12. ,TRAVEL INSURANCE you may or may not need this but it depends on how crazy you are.
  13.  IPODS, you will need to dull the bad days into some funky tunes and also the amount of parties in dorms music is a gift.
  14. HATS.
  15. BODY LOTION , after sun, anything creamy that soothes burns because you will get burnt
  16. PLASTERS, my favourite
  17. VASELINE, for lips , burns and practically everything
  18. For those single and couples, women/men, PROTECTION. A must as doctors are up to 60$ minimum appointment. (Australia)
  19. PILLOW for the camping trips, the long bus journeys and for them crappy hostels that give you a piece of paper and call it a cushion.
  21. LOCKS, most lockers don’t have a lock on them
  22. ,TRAVEL GAMES a pack of cards is a must for everything
  23. CAMERA STICK , to be the ultimate tourist
  24. GROOMING KIT for nails and face
  25. ELECTRICAL TAPE, fixes every charger, phone screen that starts to break.

These are essentials that you must pack alongside clothes, if you must take more than be my guest but you probably wont need it unless you turn into a cast away like The Life of Pi. As for clothes you need to stern about what you take, here are some tips 

  • Don’t pack for the end of the world. If your going to a hot country pack short, tees, swimwear, and lots of underwear ( Try not to bring white as it gets ruined )
  • If your going to somewhere like New Zealand or Canada bring a lot of jumpers and a coat as the weather is pretty much anything but certain
  • Bring a bag for all of your underwear as the majority of them will go missing or will vanish. At least with a bag you can know where they are at all times.
  • Party clothes are a burden unless your planning on going out every night, you should bring as much party gear as you think you will use ( I’m sending so many dresses home right now )
  • If your bag is heavy and full you need to remove everything and start again, trust me sending parcels home is too expensive for a traveller.

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