How To Embrace Jealousy

I found myself scrolling through instagram like I always do looking for inspiration, shopping to buy things that I don't need, destinations for my next travels and yoga poses that I need to master. During my endless scrolling I came across one girls post who I follow not to the extreme but have a quick … Continue reading How To Embrace Jealousy


Thoughts on Journaling

Journaling isn't for everyone, some people take one look at a book and and pen and think of hitting their head against some rocks. For me it's a form of venting, an outlet with a purpose. I spend a lot of time journaling, sometimes articles made for newspapers, sometimes about one subject. I even curate … Continue reading Thoughts on Journaling

Girlboss Workshop – Steph Prem – CEO/Founder of Premium Performance

Whilst your travelling I have learnt to take advantage of every free event other countries have to offer like, juices for example in Australia are so much healthier and cheaper than they are in the UK, plus everyone wants to get on that health crave and if your seen with a green smoothie in one … Continue reading Girlboss Workshop – Steph Prem – CEO/Founder of Premium Performance