Being Prepared

So many people believe that you don’t need much to have a good time travelling, I totally agree in some ways, I didn’t need much when I was skinny dipping in the ocean however that lasted an hour, travelling could last a life time which is why you need to be ultra prepared for when … More Being Prepared


Even though we spent little time in the big city we found quite a few things to do. Firstly we stayed at this hostel which was pretty much recommended to us all the way from Melbourne, Glenelg beach hostel. It is situated right at the beach with tram stops to your right, shops to your … More Adelaide 

Camping 101 

As I’m sat on the bench at our campsite getting eaten alive by ants , I felt this was the right time to talk about our trip so far. This post however was more about the prep of our month long trip from Melbourne to Perth via the great ocean road than it is about … More Camping 101 

Red Centre 5/5

To begin our last day with the Mulgas tour we decided to get up early (no s***)  to see the sunrise behind Ayes Rock, This moment was just phenomenal in so many ways. The reason behind it was not just the picturesque moment of watching something many people wont ever see in their lifetimes, but … More Red Centre 5/5

Red Centre 4/5

Early morning rise? why yes, yes it was. The alarm went off at 5am this morning only it wasn’t an alarm it was our tour guide throwing logs onto the damp fire. Not only was this the coldest night sleep in all of my 19 years of living but to be woken up to be … More Red Centre 4/5