Free activity guide: Cairns (Aus) 

Cairns, my dear sweet Cairns. We’ve shared some unreal memories as I’ve traveled around you and your ridiculous heat waves but despite the downfalls in our relationship you have made each day that I lived there so awesome that I can’t wait to return.   There are many great reasons to visit Cairns, This magical…… Continue reading Free activity guide: Cairns (Aus) 


Check out some of our amazing adventures, From the east coast of Aus to The North of New Zealand!

The best memories Australia gave me 

CAN YOU BELIEVE IM GOING TO NEW ZEALAND………. Well in two weeks. Although I am far too excited as you can imagine for a totally new adventure I must say how much I am going to miss Australia. It has transformed me into this totally new person who has done so many incredible things that

Why I went travelling? 

Majority of people when you leave school, 50% will do the most obvious option and carry on with further education, 40% will quit school and go on a rampage of finding jobs, moving to different countries or settling Down With a family and a secure financial situation. The final 10% go travelling, until they figure…… Continue reading Why I went travelling? 

Road trip: Part One (Melbourne to Perth)

It all started in a Mexican cafe on Chapel street where Harley, Luke and I were discussing our next plans over a $5 burrito. Roadtrip was deffinetly  on the cards but when was our main subject of topic, we could go now with a lot of implications with our landlord and managers at work or…… Continue reading Road trip: Part One (Melbourne to Perth)

Melbourne – Chapel Street

Melbourne, my dear Melbourne, how great you was to thee. Melbourne was our location on the 22nd September to meet my brother who was joining us on his first adventure alone.   Firstly we stayed in this hostel called hotel barkly which was Situated about 5 minutes away from St kilda beach. The hostel itself was…… Continue reading Melbourne – Chapel Street

East Coast – Airlie Beach/Whitsunday’s

I am combining these two post’s together because there wasn’t much to say about Airlie Beach. We arrived in Airlie on the monday after Mackay. This place was ten times quieter than the last, there was another man-made beach and a couple of shops thats pretty much it. Over the next couple of days we…… Continue reading East Coast – Airlie Beach/Whitsunday’s

East Coast – Rockhampton

This journey was purposely made to visit Luke’s distant relatives. I had heard of stories about John and kate through the family and Facebook, now was the first time actually meeting them. We arrived late in the evening outside their apartment, waiting to be invited in. Their apartment was in a beautiful location based next…… Continue reading East Coast – Rockhampton