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Before & After Traveling 

One night in early July Luke and I had gone to a leaving party for one of our good friends, Ricky. We spent the night as you would any party getting drunk but also having a great but sad time because of our dearest friends was leaving.  However during a talk with one of our… Continue reading Before & After Traveling 

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Travel tips: CouplesVsHostels 

Traveling with my boyfriend as you all know is the main highlight of my travel experiences. Having someone there for when the times get lonely. Being able to split cost for dorms and most importantly having someone there to take awesome photos of you in different parts of this magical world. However....... As a couple,… Continue reading Travel tips: CouplesVsHostels 

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Bank of a backpacker

It's that time of year when the traveling comes to an end and the world now thinks you need a full time job, a baby and maybe a house with a perfectly cut lawn. I vote out.... I can't think of anything but traveling since I got back so now the time to start saving… Continue reading Bank of a backpacker

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Bali Journal : Underwater Photos

I got given a 35mm underwater camera for my birthday which by the way is an awesome gift! Unfortunately for me, I used them all at once during my trip to Bali so I hope you enjoy them, I wanted to capture just nature at its best because we as humans who live independently above… Continue reading Bali Journal : Underwater Photos