The Yoga Series

Welcome to my new section, something I like to call the yoga series, and that’s exactly what it is. A series about me teaching yoga and my experiences on and off the mat.

A lot of you who have been following me for a while now will have noticed a change in my feed from traveling to more yoga and lifestyle. Something that fulfils me just as much as traveling does however with a lot more eye opening experiences, lessons learned and lols as my friend india likes calls them.

Alittle background information for people who don’t partake in yoga or have no knowledge, not only does yoga bring you clarity and help flush away all the bad feelings and thoughts we create deep within our minds, a solitude you would say but it also gives our bodies a chance to change, to tone, exercise and learn new ways to heal itself ultimately to lead us to live a happy and healthier life. Or sometimes it’s just great to stretch out as Luke says…..

As well as teaching yoga I will be traveling a huge amount in the next 12 months so there will definitely be more travel blogs included (old subscribers don’t run away just yet) however in this series I will be explaining about the ultimate highs and lows of my job aswell as guiding you along every step of my journey, we will explore the deepest parts of my emotions when it comes to teaching VS being a student, students feedback, no lies just pure honesty, my thoughts through the processes, challenges I over-come and of course any funny stories that seem to present themselves during and after my classes that I must share with you all!

I would love to hear your feedback from these posts so don’t forget to reply to comments below.

See you on the Mat!