Bucket List

So as far as new years resolutions go I have decided to make 101 for my future. The only reason I am doing this is because I’ve gotten to a point in my life where goals are so much more important now then they ever used to. My friends are either at university, working or just doing what they love with a part time job that keeps them from falling under. To be come successful you need to have that goal in your head that makes everything worthwhile, and while I have 101, each one of them is a target for me to become a better person, internally and physically.

  2. 21 days of vegan
  3. Do my  yoga teacher training
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Shark dive
  7. Visit New York at Christmas and watch the ball drop on New Years Eve
  8. Visit Rio de Janeiro and get a picture under Christ the redeemer
  9. Travel Europe for 3 months (Amsterdam, Berlin, Germany, Paris, Spain, Italy )
  10. Go to university and graduate
  11.  Visit china and do the Great Wall
  12. Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
  13. Be apart of a international project to help the environment
  14. Pass driving test (man/auto)
  15. Watch  Chicago musical on Broadway
  16. Go to the burlesque club in Paris
  17. Learn Spanish to a conversation
  18. Watch a film at an outdoor cinema
  19. Visit Hollywood and climb the Runyon canyon
  20. Give blood
  21. Adopt a dog
  22. Save someone’s life
  23. Get my TEFL course
  24. Become a lululemon ambassador
  25. Get a Polaroid of every place I visit
  26.  Turn up to the airport and buy a ticket to anywhere
  27. See all fifty states of America
  28.  Do a yoga/meditation retreat for a week
  29. Create my own business
  30. Create a youtube channel
  31. Go to a roof top party
  32. See cherry blossoms in Japan
  33. Learn to love running
  34. Do a nude couples yoga class with Luke
  35. Volunteer at an wild animal sanctuary
  36. Watch a NFL game live
  37. Open my own Wellbeing & yoga studio
  38. Buy a Macbook
  39. Spend Halloween in LA
  40. Play black jack in Vegas and win!
  41. Have a mud bath
  42. Have a 6 digit salary at one point in my life
  43. Become a average surfer
  44. Get my fortune read
  45. Go and see a TED talks
  46. Watch a comedian live
  47. Visit a carnival in Brazil
  48. Learn to play the piano
  49. Watch a national ballet in Russia
  50. Road trip around new zealand
  51. Be successfully known internationally and have a busy schedule everyday
  52. Get a massage in Vietnam
  53. Complete tough mudder
  54. Go to a Beyonce concert
  55. Receive an award for my hard work in a certain career field
  56. See the northern lights
  57. Eat in an underwater restaurant
  58. See the floating lanterns in Thailand and release one
  59. Get Paid to travel.
  60. Swim with a dolphin
  61. Go to the burning man festival in Nevada
  62. Spend one anniversary with Luke in a hot air balloon.
  63. Inspire someone
  64. Have a successful blog ( 10,000 followers )
  65. Create a project
  66. Subscribe to a magazine for a year
  67.  Meet yoga girl
  68. Drink hot chocolate in a French café overlooking the streets.
  69. Learn how to take photographs to a standard of professionalism
  70. Reach a point of total acceptance of myself
  71. Hold a retreat abroad
  72. Meet an elephant in a sanctuary
  73. Sit on the friend’s sofa in NEW YORK
  74. Live in New York for 1 year
  75. Write a book
  76. Go to the tomato festival in Spain
  77. Write a travel journal for every place I travel too
  78. Own 2 houses (buy for rent)
  79. Travel to India for a month
  80. Take a yoga class in every country I visit
  81. Own my own juice brand/company
  82. Create a natural beauty product.
  83. Win something
  84. Successful career through blogging
  85. Visit the Grand Canyon
  86. Backpack Asia/South America
  87. Go to at least one festival (Coachella)
  88. Learn how to sing
  89. Film a yoga video
  90.  Wake boarding
  91. Complete my yoga therapy training
  92. Create a podcast series
  93. Meet a Monk and ask questions about their lifestyle
  94. Visit some of the most historical temples in china
  95. Make my own ring
  96. Hike up a volcano
  97. Ride a bike around Amsterdam
  98. Have my work shown in a magazine or TV show
  99. Spend one whole day in Greece (Mykonos)  taking photographs
  100. To constantly support those around me even when times get hard and to push the barriers of the challenges that come before me

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  1. Anonymous
    May 19, 2016 / 9:33 pm

    I love reading all about your travels girl, I hope all is well. <3

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