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    What is Buddhism According to Pra KK.

    A few weeks ago Luke and I went to a place called Monk Chat located in central Chiang Mai. Luke had heard about it from a friend and being interested in the topic myself we…

    The art of Detachment and following the Philosophy of Buddhism.

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    Re-Balance Retreats – 19 / 05 / 2019 – 23 / 05 / 19

    Sunday 19th May – Thursday 23rd May 2019 Saturday 28th September – Saturday 6th October 2019 We are super excited to bring you the second Beloved Retreat on 18-25th May 2019.  Not only will you…

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    Mindful Waste – Relationships & Traits.

    A successful relationship is always something that I find very interesting, I know what your thinking but, how does relationships fit into the equation of mindful waste. Well my friend thats exactly what this post…

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    Why it’s important to Embrace Change.

    The last three weeks have been interesting, I say Interesting because I have never been in the situation where I am completely reliant on my own tools and abilities in order to survive, never once…

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    Re-balance Turkey Retreat

    There comes a point in everyone’s lives where jobs, relationships, money and everything else just seems to swallow you up, making everyday harder and harder until the point where you have to physically sit down…

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