About Me



Firstly my real name is Tyler Whitworth, Tilly actually escalated from my mum when I was a child and since then the name has spread. I occasionally write about my deep desires or travel aspirations because I believe life is worth truly cherishing, even the small parts.

I started this blog during a blank period in my travels, since then the blog has been widespread and read by people from all over the world every day. I like to write about my travels, adventures and just general knowledge on Yoga, Health&Fitness and artistic projects, that I create when I’m traveling or at home. I like to say I’m more a free-spirit, vegetarian and bohemian than you’re average girl.


So to describe me I would say I’m a wonder-seeker, a dreamer, and a game changer. I spend the majority of my time if not traveling the oasis of the world, dancing, yoga or being my creative self. I want to create a positive change in the world, whether that be with my own hands or helping someone with theirs.

A motto of life :

“Be fearless in the pursuit of your own happiness”.

Contact email: Tyler-whitworth@outlook.com

Wanting to collaborate or advertise your brand? Please send an email with information regarding the project or advertisement to the email above. What I post on my website is completely my own work, no copyright. I am more than happy promoting businesses or sharing my work as long as I receive credit with each picture, words or post used.


Instagram: @tillyyoga