About Me

I’ve been practicing yoga for over two years now, I developed this deep love for it whilst on my travels in Australia. I took classes every Sunday morning at the local studio which turned from 1 hour into 2 most weeks because I could not get enough. The style that found me and that I found most relatable was vinyasa flow.
After my travels had finished I managed to bring yoga back to Manchester however as life progressed and jobs got in the way I found myself lost for a little in my practice, only taking one class a week and showcasing nothing on my social media for 6 months until I decided to book my training in India and create more of an understanding for myself of this practice called yoga.
The struggle was real, competition was also very real especially in the online world where everyone was either super twisted or bending into positions that didn’t even exist on my manuals. I got heavily anxious but decided to take the leap of faith and start hosting my own classes because all I really wanted was to share my love for yoga with other to help them in the way yoga helped me.
I spend a lot time now listening to my body, listening to the way it feels when I’m in a class or even in my own self practice, it’s something I’m trying to encourage other students to do to help with listening to their own internal voice more. I’ve stopped comparing myself to the yogis around me because I’ve discovered that everyone of us finds yoga when we need it the most so to compare yourself to someone who’s been doing it for years is just unrealistic and unfair on your own progress.