“My twelve year old daughter had a skin disorder on the bottom of her feet and the top of her legs (small red like rash). The dermatologist gave her a prescription for a tube of a steroid cream. She tried the 2.5 Kangen acid instead of putting such a harsh chemical on her skin. After spraying the affected areas a few times a day for two days with the acid water, her skin was soft and completely clear, not a bump to be found! We could not believe our eyes. She now sprays the 2.5 Kangen acid water on all of her cuts, bites and any skin abnormalities. It works like a charm. “

    – Beverly Cook (Palm Springs)

    ” We only started drinking Kangen water a little over a week ago. We took the fast track to 9.5 pH. We started at 8.5 pH. Stephan’s back hurt for the next three days– He was detoxifying. His lower back is the weakest part of his anatomy and is where all of the inflammation and pain is when he gets really sick. After the fist three days we went to 9.0 pH. — Here comes the great part:

    Stephan had a cancerous mole on his chest that had turned dark and was growing. Then we started on the Kangen water. Within a week, the newest growth to the mole had turned black, shriveled, and fell off. Praise God! This is a visible example of what is going on inside his body. The bad stuff is having a hard time dealing with its new environment.

    My skin has always been exceptionally dry — We’re talking flaky if you don’t drown yourself in lotion. Since I’ve been drinking the Kangen water there has been a noticeable change in the texture of my skin. I purposely didn’t put any lotion on it for that first week to see if there would be any change. There was! My joints seem to be decreasing in pain. I abuse them everyday, so time will tell. “

    – Stephan & Rhonda Crane


    “My name is Eddy. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. In August of 2006, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery twice to have it removed and subsequently it was identified as an aggressive melanoma. The cure rate on this type of cancer was 20%. I also had 16 whole brain radiation treatments and chemotherapy. Six weeks later the tumor grew back and I underwent a third surgery. While recuperating I learned about the health benefits of Kangen water and started drinking the water.

    I went to MD Anderson in Houston for another opinion. Upon reviewing the tests they stated that I had six months to live; as well as being told that there were now tumors in other organs and a life threatening blood clot in my stomach. I returned home and continued the regimen of drinking Kangen water and ate as nutritionally as I could. A month later, a CT scan of my body showed no tumors or blood clot! All I can say is I know the Kangen water has helped me unbelievably. I don’t think I would be where I am had it not been for prayer and getting my body back in balance with Kangen™ water.”

    – Eddie (Kansas)

    “I had detected several lumps in one of my breasts, which prompted me to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist. After having a mammogram, ultra sound, and MRI, she told me the bad news – it appeared I had stage 2 breast cancer.

    My experience is that although most doctors tend to be somewhat skeptical about anything other than pills and surgery, they readily agree that “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it of course”. There is absolutely no way that I will stop drinking Kangen water. Especially since my other health problems including fibromyalgia, asthma, and acid reflux are no longer apparent and I have stopped taking all medications.

    Weeks later, after consulting with a surgeon, the doctors had some questions and decided to redo the tests… To their complete amazement, when the tests were repeated, all the growths had disappeared! When they questioned me about this and asked if I was doing anything differently, I told them for about three months, I had been drinking at least two quarts of Kangen water daily.

    I strongly encourage all my friends and loved ones to experience the many benefits of using Kangen water. I love giving them this wonderful water and having then tell me how much better they feel after just a few weeks of drinking it.

    – Martha Shafarn


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