• Let Go & Reset.

    After a pretty hectic few days settling into life back in Freo ( Fremantle in Perth) Luke and I have been traveling since December and we were super ready to spend some time hanging out with family, exploring one of our favorite places and ultimately start planning the next bulk of our trip.

    Upon arriving I was ready to get my head down and do some serious work on our twbohemians site but also really discover what I wanted to learn and create with the wellbeing side of myself. I never get time to myself so I really wanted to cherish these moments of solitude and find time to write again. However, the universe had other plans in mind.

    Not only was I hit with some family news that kind of shattered my emotional resilience but I was sent with a bunch of setbacks that made it almost impossible to live the life I wanted for the next two months. This, however, was not a series of unfortunate events but more of a learning experience to just let go of trying to control everything in my life.

    I spend way too much time planning a future that’s not even close to where we are living presently and with all that planning comes expectations, doubts and a whole lot of mental chaos that only I create. Not only has this time caused me to let go of the need to control but it’s also helped me on a huge scale that I didn’t actually realize until I sat down and wrote this post.

    Benefits of Letting Go & Reseting.

    • I became more aware of the negative habits I had created from constantly overthinking and instead focused on how happy and grateful I was for the life I was living and being completely present.

    I became obsessed with how I looked every day, so I would look at my phone as soon as I woke and then before I got dressed to take a really long look at myself and search for all of the wobbly bits that made me unhappy. Not only was self-image an issue but I made myself exhausted from trying to be busy and letting go of eating properly and instead consuming lots of dark chocolate to conversate for it. Which then circled back to the vicious cycle of body image.

    • I Started Journaling Again.

    I take a journal everywhere I go. A beautiful habit I started when I first went traveling in 2015 and now I write down how I’m feeling on a daily basis. For the first two weeks I completely lost my love for journalling and bottled up majority of my feelings up. I don’t know why I did that but I just didn’t want to be honest with myself with what was going on inside my head. The rule was if it’s not on paper it isn’t real which now I’ve realised was such a toxic way of thinking and journal as much as I can everyday. The more you write the more your brain becomes clearer and your thoughts begin to make sense again.

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    I’ve been in the self doubt fog for a few days now. Comparing myself and where I am to the people I see on social media which I know is the beginning of a toxic relationship. I’ve decided to start writing down these emotions and moments of self doubt to dive really deep into the meaning behind it all. It brings me to this moment, not just the admiration of the turtle being so present it didn’t even care I was there but the solitude and the peace that it radiated. I love learning lessons from nature, it feels so natural and calming knowing that’s we’re constantly surrounded by undiscovered knowledge until we take time to actually see in front of us. The moment of pure magic ✨💛#mindovermatter

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    • My Love for Exercise Came Back.

    Yoga has always been my first love, no matter how bad I was feeling yoga would be my gateway to a clearer mind however I ditched my normal practice for lifting weights which isn’t a bad thing but I was too scared to jump back on my mat (again with that too busy mindset even though I had so much time) I can’t tell you how much I love my mat after a short break. It’s almost like falling back in love again and now I’ve started to see the huge benefits of combining my love for yoga and exercising at least 1 hour each day to reap the rewards of both to extend my health even further.

    • Reading Became Part of my Daily Routine.

    I love reading, it’s food for the brain in every way but during my mental fog I lost the love I had for it and just read Instagram posts instead. When I started to let go and reset I found that my brain ached for some logic and literature, it forced me to go into bookshops and fill up my mind with curiosity and adventure. Part of me wishes I spent more time reading which is why I’ve vowed to myself to read something every day that’s not from Instagram but from a hard solid book.

    Ultimately what I learned from all of this is that time spent alone in the comfort of unfamiliarity is a blessing in disguise and something I wouldn’t of value if we had returned home straight from our travels. It’s these moments where your life falls back together again, those moments of uncertainty become more like clarity and you as a person start to feel whole again. (After the freak out stage of course).

    Take some time out for yourself.

    T x


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