• Project Wellness Presents The Masculinity Movement.

    Masculinity is a difficult topic for many people to discuss especially males. Being able to ask yourself “what is masculinity to me”? Provides us all with completely different views on what we think it is to what it actually is. This workshop focuses on the conversation on what it means to be masculine, outstepping the stereotype and finding your confidence as a man through the power of movement in a culturally dynamic world. 

    The aim: Utilising the strength of yoga combined mindfulness movement and the power of connection, our teachers will guide you through an exploration of what is Masculinity to Men. 

    Date: TBC

    Teachers: TBC

    Beginners – Intermediate. (Male’s only.)

    Tickets: £25 (Includes access to 3-hour session with light snacks to finish.)

    Location – Space at the Mill, Manchester



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