• Project Wellness Presents Inspire your Fire.

    Focusing on creation as the main topic, we will be spending 3.5hrs working through 3 different classes taught by incredibly strong and inspiring teachers to help with the process of creating, inspiring and ultimately having some fun flowing through this half-day workshop. Based on the elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire, each class will fuel your creativity, unlock self-confidence, create space to think past mental blockages and inspire your inner artist.

    The Aim: To create a space to help with the removal of mental blockages, physical tension and relighting your fire through the power of yoga and it’s philosophies.  

    Where: Space at the mill.

    Wellington Mill, Duke Street, Manchester M3 4NF

    Located on the 2nd Floor above the Ellis Brigham Outlet Store; the entrance is on the corner of Bridgewater Street and Duke Street.

    Date: TBC

    Teachers: India Hewitt (Fire) Laura Booth (Wind) Tyler Whitworth (Earth)

    Beginners – Intermediate levels, Teachers & Non-teachers welcome. 


    Normal : £30 ( Access to all classes, plus vegan snacks.) 

    Teacher Discount : £25 (Access to all classes, plus vegan snacks)

    Book your ticket here.


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