• Project Wellness Presents Divine Exploration.

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    This workshop was inspired by the idea of journaling. When we write down our feelings we project something incredibly special from the deepest parts of our subconscious. These thoughts can either be profound meanings filtering from your intuition or emotions trying to surface. With this mind, we have created a workshop inspired to release all of these thoughts onto paper after each yoga class, with the idea of letting go of the old or finding the truth. With dedicated and mindful practitioners guiding you through 3 different classes, supporting you mentally, physically and soulfully you are guaranteed to release what no longer serves you and create new and positive affirmations to support you on your next journey.

    Teachers : TBC

    Beginners – Intermediate.

    Tickets: £25 ( Access to all classes, plus vegan snacks and eco-journal.) 

    Location – Space at the Mill, Manchester

    Book through the link below.


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