• Going Green in 3 Ways

    Going green doesn’t mean throwing out all of your clothes, growing your body hair and living off the plants in your garden. I mean that sounds a little dramatic to say the least but that’s what most people think of when the word Green is mentioned. Going Green is easy and it’s proven to lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. If you ask me, green is the only way but I’ll let you try it out and see for yourself.

    1. Avoid Excess Waste.

    When going to do your weekly shop, avoid food that’s wrapped or even double wrapped in plastic. Plastic is causing huge issues all over the world and the more we use it the more we are ruining this place we call home. Instead, opt for cardboard packaging or glass bottles which can easily be recycled. Organic fruit and vegetables are ultimately better for your health in the long run, try and find your local farmers markets or organic health store to find food with little to no packaging.

    2. Recycle.

    We have made this more easier over the few years by councils providing bins for certain types of materials. Make sure you separate your rubbish into piles and watch the world get alittle bit brighter as they come back as something else rather than lying in a dump somewhere. It’s not hard and most items contain the recycle symbol on the side so you know what you can and can’t recycle.

    3. Carry Reusable Cups and Bottles.

    Majority of people live for their morning coffee or strive from drinking 3 litres a day so one of the best ways you can reduce your global footprint is by purchasing a reusable cup or bottle which you can take anywhere. Most coffee shops utilise these products by offering discount if you bring your own. That way you don’t have to throw away cups and plastic bottles which you’ve used once but instead have your own which you can reuse again and again.

    If you start with these 3 methods, your impact of going green will be off to the best start. Remember that you are the owner of your actions, if you don’t make a change our children will have to in the future.

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