• 5 Ways to Create More Balance Within your Life.

    Balance, the word practically roles off your tongue. As much as it sounds good, it feels good to know that your life is in balance. To wake up so happy you could float out of your front door in and drift away into the clouds and be ok with it. Happiness and Balance co-inside with each other. You can’t have one without the other as impossible as that sounds, just like Yin & Yang, Light without Darkness and the moon without the sun. The two are conjoined by an internal force, something so deep, powerful and beautiful.

    After a few clients and friends venting to me about how their life is out of whack I have created a few ways in which you can locate the balance between the two. Isn’t always as easy as people think which is why I have created a short post on ways on how to make your life right now full of positivity, growth and balance. (You’ve got to start somewhere) Combining the idea of Yin & Yang to bring you 5 Ways to Create More Balance Within your Life.

    Get Rid of all the unimportant stuff.
    1. Clear out Your Home.

    As humans we have become accustomed to the idea that more is less rather than the other way round. We have attached ourselves to our possessions as some kind of stability rope that always brings us back. Unfortunately majority of those possessions hold as much value as a tooth pick when you actually think about it. Nows the time to clear out! The rule is, if you haven’t worn or used it in the last 6 months, LET IT GO. You no longer need it and most likely someone else will make better use of it. It not only clears your physical space but your mental space too, leaving more room for positivity and love.

    Self-care is more important than you think.

    2. Take Time for Self care.

    Self care is the ultimaten with me. I know when I’m burned out and when my body feels flat is because of lack of self care. This crazy life we lead on a daily basis takes up so much time that we forget about loving ourself during the process. This is a huge one to help bring yourself back to balance. If you’re not happy with what’s going on internally is because your time and efforts are devoted to everyone else externally. Take a step back and re-evaluate. Have you had some me-time lately? Did you make that 5pm yoga class you wanted to go too? When was the last time you got a massage? Self care comes in so many packages. Write down 2 things you love to do FOR YOURSELF and prioritise them on the top of your calendar every week.

    3. Day to Day Activities.

    Most people loose balance with how their days plan out. Too much work and not enough play is the usual culprits here. Ask yourself, how much of your day is spent doing stuff you hate? Be honest with yourself. Once you have taken some time to focus on your answer read it back to yourself. If you feel hurt by your own response, then write down a list of things you can either, take away from that list to add more you-time or create a list of all the things you can add to help with balancing out too much work and not enough play. I love a pro’s and con’s list to really help me map out how much time I am spending towards doing the wrong things.

    Make time for the things that you love most.

    Example :

    7am wake up , breakfast , shower, head to work by bus.

    8-4pm work, 1hr lunch.

    4- 7pm 30 minute gym session, laptop session for more work. Sit in front of tv.

    7-10pm cook and eat dinner, shower, book and bed.


    • If you are a morning person wake up that extra hour earlier to take a bath or fit an exercise class in so there’s more time for yourself in the evening.
    • Walk/cycle to work to help with daily exercise.
    • Take your lunch outside or meet with some friends to encourage endorphins.
    • Treat yourself to a great gym class or workout exactly how you want to, make time for stretching and clean yourself at the gym to give you more time at home.
    • Put the laptop down. No-one will die if you do! Spend quality time with your partner or friends and cherish it. Work can wait until the morning.
    • Cook a delicious meal with all of the food you love plus a whole lot of greens to help your immune and digestive system.
    • PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Avoid spending hours at night starring at a screen. Not great for your eyes or your headspace.
    • Read an inspiring novel or a book which sends your mind racing. Nothing helps creativity more than an exciting book.
    • Sleep 8 hours solidly. REM sleep (deep sleep where the process of internal healing within the body takes place) doesn’t occur if you spend 1 hour before you go to sleep starring at your phone. You need to let your brain switch off for at least 2 hours before you sleep for this to happen. (UV light in the screens causes the brain to stay awake and more active instead of the natural tiredness you need to be feeling.)
    What matters most to you?

    4. Write a Priority List

    Making time for things that make you happy should be on top of your list of priorities. Many people use 90% of their time towards jobs or people which don’t fulfil them, spending more time on things you don’t enjoy on a daily basis is one of the main reasons why people get burnt out and are left feeling unfulfilled and unbalanced. Make a list of all of the things that YOU, Yes YOU like to do during the 24 hours you get in a day. Making time for yourself leaves you feeling less stressed, more content and happy. So plan out what makes you happy on a daily basis, then write out what you do everyday that you don’t like to do and how you can avoid doing them (if possible) . More time spent doing what you love leaves you feeling happier, healthier overall with more time to do all the things you love!

    5. Time with Loved Ones and Friends.

    Humans are vibrational beings.

    This was a huge one for me. I spent so much time working last year that I only saw my friends 30% of the time. I remember feeling so alone at some points that it brought out parts of me I didn’t know existed. We are vibrational beings constantly moving through the hustle and bustle of life. If we have no-one to share it with, it can lead to symptoms such as grief, anxiety and in worst scenarios develop case’s such as paranoia, insomnia and depression which is why it’s so important to socialise with everyone and anyone!

    Beloved Yoga Retreat.

    Make time for your loved ones. Work can always wait, we live for the moments of girls night out with mojitos, concerts with best friends, being surrounded by crazy families at dinners, sunshine holidays by the beach, sweaty yoga classes with like minded people, etc. Each week brings new challenges and with those you need to discover what is more important at that time. Sometimes work has to take the lead and when that happens, schedule in your diary (so it’s permanent) a dinner date with a loved one or a friend for a few nights time so your balance is there where you can see it. If you don’t write it down sometimes we get lost within our thoughts or totally forget about the appointment and then loose that valuable time to something that doesn’t make us 100% happy. Your time is valuable, so make it count.

    I hope this list helps you bring more clarity to your life. I would love to know any of the things you like to do to help bring more balance to your life? Write a comment or subscribe below


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