Re-balance Turkey Retreat

There comes a point in everyone’s lives where jobs, relationships, money and everything else just seems to swallow you up, making everyday harder and harder until the point where you have to physically sit down and evaluate what’s going on. Stress is the most common culprit here however anxiety does join forces every now again to make things worse and they create a beautiful platter together called burn out!

This isn’t a post about burning out but rather fixing that burn out by re-centring your mind and bringing yourself back to balance. I have the most amazing opportunity to help you turn those deep dark holes into places of light and give you the space to be open and free. I will be guiding the first class at the retreat for a sunrise flow, nourishing the body with the likes of guided meditations, delicious pranayama, inversion practice, creative flows and grounding restorative work to not only leave you feeling like you’re floating on air but also having released any burdens or tension you hold with in the mind and the body.


The goal for this retreat is to reconnect with your true self, learn some juicy flows, grow with other like-minded people and heal the body with the power of a positive consciousness, physical asanas and connection. Something we don’t ever usually do by ourselves which is why I’m super excited to be co-hosting this retreat with @thebelovedcompany.

Not only will their be delicious vegan food prepared and organically made by the wonderful ‘Retro bistro home’ but you will also have an infinite pool to drown away any sense of responsibility you may think you have. Its time to focus on you and your body, a temple which needs a little TLC.

As this retreat is fully booked up, if you would like more information on the next retreat please follow the link below for more details.




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