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Recently, I had a really good friend of mine around from London, originally from New Zealand. We spent hours conversing about life, the good the bad and the ugly. Majority of our conversations were filled with laughter and sarcastic comments, one conversation which we both felt incredibly passionate about was the idea of food and how much we waste. This isn’t about throwing away half a plate of food, even though that’s not ideal this is more on the subject of how you can avoid the waste which surrounds your food, i.e. the devil itself, plastic.

I’ve been on this plastic hype for a while now, complaining about it, moaning about it and finally writing about it. If I could rid this planet of anything it would be plastic because of the amount of damage it causes to not only our landfills but to our neighbours, the animals that  live amongst us.

“180 species of marine animals including, mammals, birds, fish and invertebrates have been found to have ingested plastic. Plastic can get trapped in the animal’s stomach causing ulceration, making them feel full and stopping them eating real food. It is also very likely that highly toxic chemicals on the surface of the plastic transfer into the food chain.”


Here are a few little ways in which we cannot only save our pennies, but our planet too…….

Buy in Bulk


As I mentioned in the other post, buying in Bulk is always a good idea. You save electricity, excess waste from the main source, you get a whole lot of food all at once and the best part is, it’s cheaper than buying food everyday. When I lived in Australia I loved heading to the farmers markets on the weekend and stocking up on delicious fresh fruit and veg grown with their bare, dirty but bare hands. Save the plastic and bring your own basket I say!

 Make Your Own Snacks


One thing I’ve found that not just with yoga teachers but with people who spend a lot of their time behind a desk suffer from snack syndrome where you buy anything and everything from the shop because your slightly hungry. Think of how much plastic you are putting out into the world with your one chocolate bar per day, packet of crisps, even yogurt pots! It makes me crazy just thinking about it. Everyone has a phone these days so why  not look up some recipes for snacks, it not only saves you plastic but aids you in your cooking skills, makes you look like a hottie with a body and you can also make as much as you want for cheap. One of my favourites is deliciously ella, her recipes have saved me many times from starvation to fulfilled in minutes (ok slightly dramatic there but she’s really good)

Meal Prep

I see so many instagramers post about this, prepping meals is the easiest, funniest and most efficient way of saving you waste. All you need is a tub (glass please) and ingredients. Write a few meal plans down, foods that are easy and delightful to eat. I can’t think of anything worse than just a plain salad with dare I say it….. no avocado. Grab yourself a cookbook, google it online or even ask your parents for inspiration. There are thousands of ways to cook food, even for me I found making salads way more fun because I could have a different one everyday. Yes I’m not going to lie it takes maybe an hour or so but you then have a happy meal for the rest of the week and you fit in all your daily nutrients at the same time. Worth it right?

Use Recycle Containers 


My friend recently came over, the same Kiwi in the last post funnily enough! She was showing me that with a simple muslin clothe you could make your own almond milk with just almonds, hot water, lemon and salt. Crazy enough it was something  that had never crossed my mind but yet it was so simple and easy to do. Not only could she reuse the muslin cloth and pack fruit into it but if she ever got tired of using it for milk she could recycle it into something else. It’s clearly a win win situation.  Another great one is buying your own containers and coffee cups so that when you’re dashing around like a crazy person you’re creating less of an impact on the planet but still eating and drinking all the good stuff. Some of my favourite brands are @keepcup @ethnicalsuperstore or if you wanted the good stuff for cheap, @Amazon and @Homesense are always great go too’s.


I would love to hear your ideas on helping prevent food waste, leave a comment in the box below.

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