• The Magic of Yoga

    My alarm woke me up at 6am on Thursday morning, not only did I manage not to hit the snooze button but I got up and got ready for my early morning session at Kingstreet Townhouse. One of my favourite classes to teach as this isn’t just your average yoga class but it’s your average yoga class on a rooftop, with tall buildings surrounding you, creepy office guys starring at you and the whole of the Manchester sun to yourself as you lie there in shavasana, half asleep, eyes barley open but full of yoga endorphins (I like to call them) from the class.

    Just like every other Thursday I found myself almost floating to class, I knew I had a few important people attending today so the pressure was on. Not only was I joined by the likes of @Unilad but also @Uniladfitness, @themanc and @theladbible for sunrise yoga. If you arn’t too sure on who they are take a quick peep at their profiles and you will find endless fitspo / sexy models and everything else on there too.


    The ladies I met were not only stunning from the ponytail down to their sexy trainers but they all had a pretty good idea of yoga which as the teacher was worth a sigh of relief – que the balancing postures. As the class went on the sun began to present itself, not only did we finish shavasana feeling light as a feather but I’m pretty sure I got a slight suntan from the mix of walking around, talking until my jaw hurt and projecting immense postures onto the sorry souls in front of me.

    Jokes aside, these ladies brought something special to the class, I’m not talking about their great outfits (@lululemonuk) but I’m talking about their vibes. With each breath I could feel the happy energy swirling around us like fresh mountain air. There were not only smiles on every persons face but no judgment. There was no comparison or ego, they just brought themselves to the mat and let their presence speak for themselves, as their happiness grew so did the people around them, the girls who didn’t know anyone started to smile and let their tension melt away. By the end of the class the whole atmosphere was buzzing with acceptance and love, something you don’t find with many classes and this is what inspired me to write this post.


    I wanted to vent but I managed to hold myself back because not only does it annoy me but I’m guessing others too, instead I’m going for the approach of guiding and offering. Not only did I feel happy for the rest of the day, I felt productive and undistracted. My creativity boomed, projects flowing out of my mind which have been locked away for a while and at the end I was physically exhausted but in a good way that left me feeling completed and fulfilled.

    This feeling is what I’m trying to spread to my fellow students in all my classes. Yoga is not a competition it’s a practice. A practice of trusting your body to ground and support you, acknowledgment of the things you can’t quite do just yet, confidence to know when to slow down and acceptance to yourself to know that you’re doing great by just being there on your mat.


    Learn to love the life you lead on and off the mat, I sometimes slip under the pressure of being able to do everything and look great all the time, but there is also time to slow down, enjoy the practice and have fun with it. Life is full of blessings, why not let your yoga practice be one of them.

    Thank you ladies for bringing light to my class  – You are amazing.

    Info on my class – ROOFTOP CLASSES

    Love and light x

    Photo by @K.U.I.C



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