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    How often do you walk into your bathroom and just sigh to yourself because you have to throw out another razor that will not only be thrown into another waste bin but to know that some sorry animal will probably try eating it somewhere down the line and if it dies, it’s clearly all of your fault for not researching more on recycling beauty products. Very sad but true.  I have more often than not moaned to Luke about the numerous amounts of items I have that prove no benefit to this planet and more often than not, to me! I personally feel like it’s time to start implementing change for the better. The first step towards that is being mindful about what we use in and on our bodies on a daily basis.

    Welcome to my new project called mindful waste!

    I will be posting a few blog posts on this subject, with ways in which we can start treating the planet better as it’s doing a pretty awesome job keeping us happy with it’s sunsets, oceans, mountains and pretty much everything we put into our body yet we flush it with toxins everyday, we throw fire and waste at it’s feet and not give a damn about the circumstances in which we affect the planet. This time it’s our turn to clean up our mess and that all starts with alittle thing called mindfulness.

    Buy Recycled Products Or Products That Can Be Recycled

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    I remember being that person that went to their nearest beauty counter and just bought loads of convenient pieces just for my little cute but plastic make up bag, some of which I may or may not ever use, to then get home and notice that every single piece I bought was made from plastic. Yep I can feel your fists shaking with rage…. The first step I made was researching on brands that do recycled products or materials in which we can recycle after use. Some of which work like a dream, combing both global awareness and against animal testing you have these wonderful brands that not only want to help the planet like you but they also want to make you feel as beautiful as you can be, brands like; LushAesopEcoverde all of which offer these incredible qualities.

    Buy In Bulk


    Another way of wasting is constantly buying products that need topping up in a months time, not only does that cost you extra money but it also adds to the amount of waste your putting out there. Try and find something you really love and if it has to be plastic buy in bulk to save the waste of constantly buying. It will save you money in your back pocket and also keep you supplied for a few months at a time. There is nothing worse than not washing your hair for a few days because sweat life and then realising after you got into the shower that there is no shampoo left because you refused to buy that plastic container (tyler 1 – waste 0) but still forgot to buy the actual shampoo bar as a replacement.  Story of my life…..

    Do Your Research

    Every brand requires research before it releases it’s products to the world and thats exactly what we should be doing when we are shopping for our favourite beauty products. Grab your laptop and google away the best products for you that don’t cause unnecessary harm to the planet. It’s all about taking the time out to really invest in your skincare which is exactly what you should do when it comes to your body, face and the make up you put onto it and into it. No-one wants to wake up to chemicals drying their face out for a couple of pounds with waste left over.


    Swap Out The Old For The New

    Don’t just sit there and be like, you can’t get a disposable razor or cotton wool pads so I just won’t bother. Be creative and search for the products you want to change but didnt know you could. I don’t know where I would be without the internet or a good womens health magazine, they both literally changed my whole outlook on plastic. In this day and age you can pretty much grab anything from anywhere if you look hard enough, so get off your perfectly cushioned bum and go and find it.

    Make Your Own



    I have an Insta friend who I have yet to meet in the real world, she designs and creates her own potions full of fresh, organic ingredients and completely cruelty free not to mention the price being incredibly cheap too. There are so many websites and youtube channels out there which help you in creating your own products without the use of plastic so why not give it a go and make your kitchen into a beauty parlour. Even better, Invite all of your girlfriends round, chuck on some tunes, grab some wine and get experimenting on each other. (not in that way cheeky)

    I love finding new ways I can implement change without it being drastic to my health, my funds or my life. If you have any great ideas I would love to hear them, write a comment below!.


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