Marrakesh – Morocco

Marrakesh is a place where people go to explore the maroon coloured streets filled with trinklets and fresh food thats plated amongst the tiny narrow streets. Shops situated in the walls of the fortress that surrounds the people and it’s homes like a huge dome.

We arrived in the blistering heat, carrying our bags over our shoulders and trying to not make eye contact with the locals as they stared us down the street. My feelings have always been mixed about this city, social media portrays it to be some hidden paradise but when you actually get there there’s a few untold stories that would put you off if you don’t like 1. Attention and 2. Like to wear no clothes.

When we arrived from Casa Blanca I didn’t think twice about my outfits but mearly put what I felt comfortable in. A tiny playsuit showing pretty much all that’s banned i.e. shoulders, knees and chest. As we walked down the street, hundreds of men following us and asking to be our tour guides, one lady spat at me and luckily hit luke on the shoulder (haha) from there we realised we weren’t in a westernised civilisation anymore, we were in the Clasp of Africa’s golden yet dirty palms.


We spent our days venturing around the small streets and bought our weight in trinkets, watched the sunset and laughed until our bellies hurt whilst eating delicious moroccan cuisine. The sun rose every morning and set everyday, each being a new beginning with the local traders starting their day with nothing but ending with money in their back pocket. The moroccan people work hard and they graft harder, unfortunately I didn’t see a lot of women during my stay which is probably due to the fact they spent a lot of their time nursing their kids and possibly home schooling as there’s quite a lot of poverty in the back streets of the Medina.


During my stay we found this beautiful Airbnb which if you asked me where it was I would not for the life of me be able to tell you where it is. However if you are looking to stay I definitely recommend looking at Airbnb as your first choice. Although we didn’t get to see everything in Morocco we got a great insight to the locals life and we eat more food than our bellies could handle. We got tricked and mislead quite a few times however overall we found this to be one of the most crazy yet unique experiences to date.


If you’ve been to Morocco Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.



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