• Expectations of Yoga Teachers

    I managed to jump off the WordPress bandwagon for a short period of time because sometimes life just get’s too busy, especially when you have taken up way more teaching and completely emerged yourself into the world of Yoga. ( Raises hand slightly) One thing that sprung to mind when I thought about returning to online world is showcasing some of my feelings on what it’s like to be in the shoes of a Yoga Teacher or any teacher for that matter.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I have developed such a deep and devoting love for my teaching that I can’t imagine my life without some form of mindfulness or asana squeezed into my daily routine, It’s like any other passion in life. You have to work hard to really understand and feel the benefits of it. I have spent quite some time thinking about this post and almost asking people for advice because every teacher see’s their class as something different. Here’s some of my realisations of becoming a Yoga teacher.

    1. High expectations of your daily life outside of class. 

    I love this one because every teacher is different however because of social media we get portrayed as the juice drinking, free spirited, holistic approaching, gym junkie, love guru no matter who you are. Don’t  get me wrong I’m the super sterio-typical yogi who loves all things yoga and holistic. I make my own juices and carry my own straw bag around with me, I wear the nicest yoga gear I can find and sometimes I preach during my classes about the universe and how divine we all are, each and everyone of us. But what people don’t see is the side where I spend days screaming at tv screens when the bad man jumps out the cupboard, where I stuff my face full of fat foods and then moan about how bloated I am to Luke, days where I could literally punch people in the face for being so stupid it hurts and finally for dressing like a normal person and going to normal people things like parties and barbecues.

    All of these patterns are related to one specific thing, we may be teachers to you but to other people we are just everyday people living their lives and doing our jobs just like everyone else. Some days we want to be that dream yoga girl you see on social media and some days we want to cry all day and eat pizza.


    2. We’re not doctors just practitioners.

    I’m not going to lie, I love it when students come to me with a problem and ask me to fix it. It means theres a sense of trust behind that question and I love that I’ve created a space where they feel they can ask me anything. The only downside to it is if you have injured yourself, Yoga cannot always fix it. Internal injuries sometimes lie deeper than the surface which also means stretching out your sprained wrist for example could actually make it worse. Anything you aren’t sure on, take to your physio or doctor. We love helping you in your practice but we aren’t trained in mobilising broken bones I’m afraid.


    3. We have bad days too. 

    Similar to the first quote, we generally live normal lives outside of our practice so cancelling classes every now and again may aggravate you and your routine of hot yoga every Wednesday but sometimes the teachers need time to reprocess and reenergise themselves so we can come back better that ever and give you our best energy. There is nothing worse than overworking yourself as a teacher and getting to the point where you just can’t give out that positive energy anymore and your students suffer from it. If we have a bad day know it’s not because of you but because we are machines and sometimes we need time to stop, fix ourselves, maybe throw in a new battery or two and bring ourselves back ready to go and fresher than ever.


    4. Instagramable bodies. 

    Ok let me get this straight, Yoga is a highly active form of movement yes, However not every body is the same so the expectation of having a ridiculous set of abs popping out and legs with thigh gaps is not a real expectation and you should never ever walk out of a practice thinking oh she/he has a great body, it’s because they do yoga. Nooooooooo we work so hard in everything we do but sometimes we may get squidgy parts after birth, a bloated belly from our periods or even bingo wings and still be the most amazing teacher. So please respect your body the way you respect everything in your life and know that the way it looks doesn’t compromise your yoga practice. Yoga is all about self expression and mindfulness, letting go of the ego is the first part of your practice and that includes comparison, so be present, be happy and love yourself for what you have. You are unique and powerful just the way you are…….


    Love and Light x




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