• How To Embrace Jealousy

    I found myself scrolling through instagram like I always do looking for inspiration, shopping to buy things that I don’t need, destinations for my next travels and yoga poses that I need to master. During my endless scrolling I came across one girls post who I follow not to the extreme but have a quick look every now and again had posted about being successful and wealthy at the age of 24 and that’s when it hit me, the cold surface of a brick called jealousy.

    More often than not, we spend so much time being envious of girls or even guys that seem to be living and achieving their dreams all at the young ripe age of 21 and above, It’s not like age has anything to do with it but deep down we all wish that we were on the path to success like they make it out to be on social media. If your lucky enough to know one of these people you might jealous of their lives which makes you even more envious because it’s not like you can imagine some fake backstory about them to make yourself feel better. The truth is we all go through this, especially with the rampage that is social media, there will always be someone bigger, sexier, stronger, cleverer, richer than we are and that’s ok. Yes do you hear me, it’s ok that we arn’t these people because we are our own magical being.

    We are our own soul and machine that achieves much more than careers and money but instead we put ourselves through hardship everyday, we achieve goals we would of never thought of achieving and we fall in love like those stories you used to read about when you were a kid. The truth is jealousy is contagious, once we’ve caught it we feel hopeless and degrading which usually effects our mood, relationships and can you believe it, even your posture. The tension we hold in our necks and upper backs get carried around until we realise what we have done and those things right there become knots that we can’t easily get rid of.  We need to understand as a human race that we each have our own goals and ambitions, different bodies and understandings of money. We each hold our struggles and demons on our backs. But the truth is we are warriors, and it’s true, you can achieve anything you set your mind too so next time you wish you were that person, well don’t, because your life is the best thing you have.

    It may seem like false hope reading this however it is mearly a post on using your mindset as a game changer, using it as a defence mechanism from jealousy and the bad juju it seems to cause us, physically and mentally. We have the power to be whoever we choose to be, so next time you scroll through your feed and see someone having the time of their life and get hit by the same brick I did, sit down and evaluate your life. Ask yourself,

    How can I achieve this with my life?

    What can I do to help myself ?

    What am I actually jealous of?

    All of this will lead you onto your path of discovery and fufulment. You never know you could one day be that person you dreamed of being!


    Love and light x



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