Stop The Comparison.

A term I learned in Yoga not so long ago. An ego that is disguised as a mask. Comparison.

In this day and age we spend roughly 80% of our lives comparing our bodies, results, careers, travel experiences, clothes and everything else to people that we don’t even know on social media, I know this is true because I spend so much time doing it myself. I’ve found with my teaching I have to let people know to loose the ego and bring attention to their own bodies and check in with themselves and not look around the room to compare themselves to the person next to them.

Comparing our lives is like comparing a pretzel to a doughnut. They are completely different in taste, smell, texture and size but yet we look at them and wish they were the other one. We let our inner ego take control of our emotions, we let ourselves sink into deep imaginary holes which sometimes can’t just be jumped out of and I am here, not to preach but to ask you, would you swap your family or friends to be that person? Would you swap your special memories with your loved ones to look like that girl off insta? The truth is no we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t change the most important parts of who we are just to be other people because we are amazing, every single one of us is incredible in our own skins and souls and it’s about time we celebrate that.

Stop the ego and bring your inner light out, don’t let other peoples successes make you feel worst about your life, instead go and show everyone that you are a powerful being and with that you don’t need to be anyone else. Remind yourself everyday that you are fierce and can achieve anything you set your mind too, cheesey but in my case incredibly true. If we can think about it, we can definitely achieve it.

Stop the ego and stop the comparison. Forgive yourself for not being perfect and invest in your own true worth.

love and light x



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