• Thoughts on Journaling

    Journaling isn’t for everyone, some people take one look at a book and and pen and think of hitting their head against some rocks. For me it’s a form of venting, an outlet with a purpose. I spend a lot of time journaling, sometimes articles made for newspapers, sometimes about one subject. I even curate a few poems in there when my mind isn’t up for writing stories but needs to let off a little steam in a creative way and thats all it is, a creative outlet.

    Journaling for me didn’t start until my 19th Birthday, just before Luke and I ventured off into the wild Luke’s grandma showed me her vast library filled with scrap books and journals which she had been writing since before 1990. Anything about her life you wanted to know was all hidden away in these books and that’s when it hit me. The thought of writing endless amount of pages filled with everything or nothing scared the living crap out of me, one because I was lazy and two where would I have the time or place to store these books of magical events. However after a rainy shopping trip for last minute buys Caroline bought me my first travel journal.

    After that I spent a good few months documenting every single event, conversation even meal down until I realised I didn’t really want to read about how my breakfast tasted everyday so I started to document memories I knew I would want to remember like when Luke and I went to our first hostel and found condom wrappers in our bed but we didn’t care because there was a churro place down the road and our window overlooked the whole of Bondi Beach! I also used it to talk about my family and my emotions I had towards certain situations. Life is hard sometimes and I for one know how hard it is when you don’t feel like you have anyone to talk too yet alone listen which is where my journal became my prize possession and hopefully yours too after this post.


    Heres some fun facts on why you should try and journal at least once in your life. 

    • It’s perfect for boredom.

    Another quality that saved me from traveling. Now I am not crazy and I do understand that when you’re in a completely new place surrounded by mystery and exploration the last thing you want to be doing is sitting down and writing about it however there will come days where your own company is a blessing and being able to just sit and write will become your own little cocoon of venture amongst the havoc.

    • Remember that moment You jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft?

    My mind and I have this relationship where I seem to remember what cereal I had one week ago and it’s ingredients however not what I am doing tonight. I can imagine I am not alone with this however when you feel like you need to remember certain moments and you can’t for the life of you think when, how or why this little gem is where all your answers lie. Memories are meant to be saved and not forgotten.

    • Creative outlet.

    Once again I come back to this because it’s incredibly true. A lot of us spend our time venting away at our partners and biting their ears off for a pointless conversation that could have been dealt with by just putting pen to paper. It saves you the hassle of screaming at your loved one for them to care about it and also relieves any tension you hold on the subject, like you’re taking a huge exhale and releasing all of your bad energy.


    • Journaling can easily become a career.

    I know many people who type or write away in their journals like theres no tomorrow if you look closely you will realise that there is millions of people out there who want people like us to vent away and get paid for it. Writing is a skill that can be mastered, it’s your devotion and time to the subject is what makes it count. So why not earn some extra cash for your very juicy thoughts and opinions.

    • Writing is known for it’s benefits on the mind.

    ” Expressive writing is a route to healing — emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Studies have also shown that the emotional release from journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces better sleep”.

    So why not grab a pen and some paper and start, I haven’t looked back since and I keep falling in love with it each and every day!






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