Yoga Teaching Experience

Every street holds a business, within each business, there are wellness advocates who pledge themselves to weekly yoga classes to help them calm their inner thoughts about food, relationships, careers and mostly just to keep that zen in the mind. This is where I step in.


I graduated from my teacher training in September in 2017, Since I jumped straight into it when I arrived back In Manchester I have felt so many different emotions, I’ve been through the highs of the highs and the lows of the lows of every teaching experience, even event hosting and now I can honestly say that I am ready to share that with you all.

During my training I learned pranayama exercises, connecting the breath with the body and using prana (vital energy force) to center the mind and allow more oxygen to pass through the body by slowing down the breath. I learned about postures to help sciatica and spinal issues, along with yoga therapy and ways to help prevent mental health issues. I even learned about the many systems that make up the body from the digestive all the way to the neuro system. However, none of those trainings really prepared me for the real experience and that would come 2 weeks after landing back in Manchester.


Lets be honest, no one is quite prepared for their first class with strangers, I was nervous and I spent the whole day planning my flow, practicing ques, writing down each movement and breath that goes with it, my music was a playlist from Spotify which miraculously showed up on the search bar (thank god for technology). I bought all different types of essential oils and smelly stuff to help with the aroma, trust me if there was a tradition I tried it!

It wasn’t until after my first class that I called my mother crying telling her how amazing it was and how everyone followed me and complimented my style of teaching, it felt like someone had opened a door that had been locked for centuries beforehand to make me realize my dream career.


It only came to my attention when my classes became regular and I started to see the difference in teaching and being taught. Number one is that you are officially guiding people to find that place of solitude that yoga offers, we are technically practitioners that help you to a  state of bliss and peacefulness. (Samadhi) My first class wasn’t this experience, I personally don’t think that I lead anyone on the golden path to enlightenment but I found method in the chaos. With each posture I felt the confidence spiral up me and pour into my students, I listened to my words and hooked any information or knowledge to my practice which gave me a deeper meaning to my classes, I felt invigorated and empowered by the power of practice and momentum that came with the simple sound of OM.

I left my first class feeling lifted, of course, criticism crept into my thoughts about what I could have done better but for my first class, I knew I did the right thing and I was on the right path towards something much bigger than Sun salutations. However, all is not just sun in the little town of yogis and this is the honest truth.


Yoga teachers love their job, let’s be honest its a lot more fun than sitting at a desk and typing out words you don’t understand to people you probably make memes out of on Facebook however being a student and a teacher also gives you the advantage of seeing both sides to the class from the front all the way to the back.

Just a few things that make our job a little less rosy.

  1. When someone is still doing CAT COW wrong and they don’t listen to your instructions after repeating them 4 hundred times. (Hand slap face moment)
  2. Yes, we sometimes get our words mixed up or completely make up some weird and wonderful phrase because we like to experiment, just go with the flow. (Sink into the breath is a favourite.)
  3. Adjusting someone and then they go back to the original back breaking posture and then complain about the posture not feeling right. (We’ve all been there!)
  4. Yoga is for solitude and peace, not talking to your neighbor about the back of the person’s in front of you, seethrough leggings.


  1. Speaking of which, the front row is for everyone, we do not eat people and will not make you stand on your head just because you are at the front.
  2. We do not make it our mission to hurt you, we are just trying to bring out the best in you and your body.
  3.  Unless your friend is in the building please do not hold a mat for them in class as you make everyone else in the room squeeze into a tiny one-man section and potentially creates the most yogic uproar known to mankind.
  4. Positive vibes = positive class


I hope you found this post inviting and full of positive energy, I love my job more than words can ever write on paper and this was just a fun and experimental post on some of the daily situations we go through on a journies. Hopefully you will laugh it off and come and join us one day for class.

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