• My Top 5 Women’s​ Wellness Instagrams.

    As you might have guessed Instagram is taking the lead in every form of platform, from fitness freaks to famous cats that parade around in costumes all day.  Social media has physically taken over the world in terms of technology and creates possibilities for people to showcase their lives, travels, careers, and inspirations all online in which the world can see. This is perfect for us wanderlusters out there that crave different lives, especially the ones where you can learn from like-minded people and create friendships that boost not only your career but also your social network.

    Now, what makes Instagram so special is it’s way of combining the hopelessness with the chance of success, basically making the unknown know to the public eye, like creating celebrities out of photographs. As much as I like to wander around Instagram I find that I always go back to the same people! Their produce and likeminded words sting me like hot wax. There are people that get you hooked onto certain topics (Holistic and health is my go-to) which is why I created this post for you guys to check out some of my favorite social stars that promote not only nutritious food but yoga, Meditation, holistic practices and overall Health and wellbeing.



    Not only does this woman have me drooling over her numerous amounts of nutritional food bowls with envy but Alison also promotes a more well-balanced lifestyle with her morning routines and Medical magic from herbs. Based in one of the more funkier sides of the world, Portland this lady is a go-to for recipes, new moon rituals, and mindfulness living. Yes, she even uses glass jars for her pantry which makes her even more amazing! Be aware though, once you start following this leading lady your life will change into a more restorative and clean one.






    Imagine a world with dogs, Yoga and lot of green plants. Sounds Ideal right? Jules happens to be a freelance writer / Yoga Teacher / Events Co-ordinator / Perfect. I first caught onto Jules with her column in thoughtful magazine, after reading I had some form of weird magnetic draw to her so I typed her in Insta and boom there she was. Living the yoga pant dream……. Jules is an inspiration to us with her healthy lifestyle even though she is based in the City, her fierce and devoted attitude to her career and also producing events to bring together more alike people in one place is incredible to watch. If you’re like me; Yoga obsessed, dog obsessed and overall obsessed with that smiling through life like a damn goddess, Jules is your woman.






    I happened to come upon this lady when I was browsing through my travel inspo on Insta and found her with her Surfboard to hand looking like she had surfed all day in the glorious sun, understanding her place in the world and just riding the waves like she had no care in the world. As you can Imagine I was instantly drawn to her. Not only does this goddess surf but she is a key influencer to the practice of Mindfulness and Yoga. I’m not just talking about meditating in a corner, I’m talking about the raw truth, the soul which lies in each of us, not our body but deeper, much deeper, like the earth we walk on. She reflects on her journey like it was written a thousand years ago, but not in a way that’s draining, Angie makes you reflect on yourself with the journies you take and actions you make. You will be enthralled by this woman of many talents, but you will also be extremely jealous of her lifestyle as everything is short of a dream.






    Picking a favorite here as I’m pretty sure we all know how amazing this woman really is, I have only recently started following her as I found my way onto the path of acro yoga. Again another inspirational woman who can probably lift cars if she tried, her strength both internally and externally shows how she is as a person, shes connected to herself on such a deep level I can’t imagine her taking shit off anyone. With her awesome acro boyfriend and beautiful dog, Hannah is nothing short of another one of the goddesses. Her abilities in yoga show how hard work pays off if you commit and I mean really commit to your reason WHY. Work hard and play hard is what I get from watching her being thrown around like jelly in moves that don’t even look human and also be yourself, nothing is truer than getting lost and then being found again. Based Everywhere…..







    Surfer Girl by name and by nature, Kelia was brought up in Hawaii and now lives in New York with her partner, however, to actually find this lady in the city for much longer than a month is very rare. Constantly flying around the world with her Roxy family she spends her time living. Yes, I mean actually living her life. Not many women post about their backgrounds with an attitude of authenticity and realness. Of course she poses for adverts and sponsors but what I found from her is that she is truly happy with her situation on this earth; the life she created, the friends she made from her hometown to the other side of the world and how happy nature makes her feel when shes amongst the thickness of it. I picked this lady because she is the true meaning of a girl boss, happiness is more than just a job its a way of life which inevitably promotes to a healthy lifestyle in which we provide ourselves with. Learn, love and appreciate is what I get from following her which is why we should all take a note out of her book and find the positivity within the darkness.





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