• 5 Travel Questions – Answered

    `I want to get straight to the point with this post as I usually tend to talk a lot beforehand for my own benefit. This is just a quick and cute post about some of the questions Luke and I get asked about our lives when we travel and when we are stationary, here’s some honest truth about some Instagram and the people who consume it. Hint Hint….. it’s not all sunshine, oceans, and sex on the beach.


    img_45141. How do I afford to travel ?

    Luke and I afford to travel the same way majority of social media people do, we work part-time whilst we are home and then set off again once we have budgeted what we planned. Not all social media stars live the dream like you see on their feed, some go away for holidays 2 or 3 weeks at a time but post pictures for months on end until they go somewhere new, just because someone’s feed may look like they are living some tropical dream doesn’t actually mean they are doing, always be cautious before you envy someone for their life.  Yes, we sometimes are cut throat with our savings, so that means, not always going out for food, no long weekends just because we can’t be bothered to go to work and most importantly we live a very minimal lifestyle which requires fewer clothes and more comfort. Again another lifestyle choice which makes it easier to travel.


    2. How do you survive traveling as a couple?

    Traveling is one of the worlds greatest gifts, as is finding someone to travel with. We make it work by the fact we both wish to see the beauty of the world and it makes it easier if we both want to see the same things. Most importantly we communicate and compromise. The double C! Communication is vital to survive any relationship, you have to be a team as cheesy at that sounds, but you’re on this one path together and sometimes it doesn’t always fall to plan. Hence Compromise…. Another life rule in relationships, if you are one of those people who shouts orders and can’t take no for an answer you make the people around you will want to leave you in a pond somewhere and never come back, if your boring and don’t want to do anything, once again pond or even worse, left in a rainforest somewhere out in the Amazon. Be open-minded and adventurous in your decisions and know that you both have to agree on something or it’s never going to work.


    3. How often do you travel?

    Over the last three years, we have traveled about 2 of them with a few months here and there, we don’t actually travel fulltime but we work extremely hard to gather what we can when we can on our trips to provide compelling and exciting content for our readers. example – You!


    4. Your life is a dream ….

    Unfortunately not just yet. We have been to some pretty remarkable places over the years but right now we are sorting out our adult lives and finding a base for a while. We love traveling but there are certain elements that travel doesn’t offer, I bet your thinking she’s crazy! Traveling is better than anything. Well, you may be right but our lives outside of travel need to be fulfilled before we hit the road forever. We have always been creative and through our passion and drive, we find ourselves craving for doses of life’s achievements, one you can’t really do by becoming a fulltime traveler. Don’t worry though, in a few years we will be hitting the road all over again, for the long run this time!


    5. Favourite location……

    Since I am writing this post I would have to say so far Perth. My mind has not stopped wandering about Perth since I left. I currently have a friend out there whos gone back to live and I can’t help but envy her life and of course her dog! It’s endless sunsets, the cultural hub of a city, waves for days and of course the lifestyle of beachin, eatin and chasing your dreams. That’s what describes my ideal location and Perth has it all.




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