• 2018: The Best Of Me. Traveling. Yoga. Blogging. Nutrition.

    Every year always equals a new you. We throw out the old version full of mistakes, stupid comments, and notoriously bad eating habits and we bring in a fresher, leaner happier version and we all do this by reminiscing about our previous year and learning from the old version of who we were and look forward to who we are going to become in the next.

    I can honestly say that I am ready whats in store for this year and also preying it’s a good one too as 2017 for me was super. It took me a while to sit down and write this post hence why its release date is 5/1/18. Firstly I would like to thank you! All of my readers and subscribers for following me along on this bumpy road we call life. Even though my content isn’t always the cleanest (grammar wise) or possibly doesn’t even make sense half of the time but you are all there and watching, no supporting me along the way and for that, I am truly grateful. 


    This year I got to travel to 3 unique places, over the past 3 years I have been traveling for a solid 2years and a few months and I wanted to take this year out to fully reflect and really concentrate on what I craved for in life. Traveling is in my future for sure but I needed to come home to understand what was missing. When you’re on the road you never really know what to expect and you kind of go with the flow on most occasions however you sometimes lose track of where your actually heading too and that was my problem. So we took a backseat, got our gorgeous apartment and set up camp.

    CNV00031First was a friends trip to Morocco which I have dreamed of going to for over a year now. Even though it was short we made it super sweet and utterly hilarious as a group on tour. It was a moment I realized how much I cherished my friends.


    The Second trip was Norway, a present for Lukes birthday. Honestly, I picked Norway because I know how much luke wanted to go to Scandinavia and Norway was the cheapest option for the most to see. When we got there it was better than we had planned, we hiked up 3 mountains, camped out across the whole of Norway, stood on a hanging boulder, got drunk with some long lost friends, drank far too much almond hot chocolate and laughed pretty much 3/4 of the time, except when I cried because Luke made me walk at nighttime and I panicked so hard I thought I was going to fall off the mountain.

    _MG_6971Let me rewind a little here as we started our Instagram @thetwobohemians in June 2016 with only our Australia photos to hand, after Italy, Morocco and Norway 9 months later we started to receive huge amounts of contacts wanting to work with us, sponsor and so much more. Basically, it upped our travel game 100% which we never expected it too just from playing around with our camera. _MG_7294

    My third trip was the most important as it was a big decision for me to travel to Rishikesh, India with my dear friend to complete our Yoga Teacher Training. Something I have been debating about all year but finally in August decided to take the leap of faith and go for it. Now after two months eating endless curry, meeting far more interesting people than I imagined and stretching out 4 hours a day I can say I am forever grateful for that experience.


    Yoga & Nutrition

    Which leads me on to my career as a full-time Yoga Instructor and blogger at the age of 21. My nutrition has guided through this last year, implying my knowledge to not only my practice but to my family, friends and hosting numerous amount of Health and Wellbeing inspired workshops. Food is such a big part of my life now, everything I eat goes through the process of being eliminated and analyzed.


    With my second sold-out event hitting the studio tomorrow, and my first Lululemon class starting on the 27th January. Not to mention that Luke and I will be hitting the road in our van in March this year for 5 whole months, maybe 6 if we are lucky.


    My year has been a world wind of adventure, drama, love, hate, crying, dogs, oceans, full moons, too much dark chocolate and more. I feel completely blessed to have experienced such wonderful things with great people and even though I’m not and were not at our top just yet we feel like this is just the beginning.

    Stay tuned for more..







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