Reflection​ & Setting Intentions.

As 2017 comes to a close and the bottles of champagne are all scattered in your recycling bin, the leftover food now safely in our stomachs and the memories of last night start to descend into the distant past. Now is the perfect time to reflect on what has happened in the previous year but more importantly reflect on your future and what you can do to make this the most productive and influential year of your life.

Here are a few ideas on how to start that reflection process, curb those toxic habits and finally settle into a place where you are truly happy.


Set Intentions For The Year To Come. 

I understand this may seem far-fetched but it’s important to dig deep into your values and focus on what needs your attention most. For me, I write down everything I want to achieve for the year, from objects I want to buy to experiences I want to feel, that would not only benefit me but would help me get to where I want to be spiritually, mentally and physically.

Maybe try a new or unused notebook, start with bullet points and just write the first things that come to mind or rituals you’ve read about and would like to try. Maybe start with a goal you wanted to achieve last year, rewrite and reword it until it just feels right on the paper and more realistic or create a mind map if you learn better by drawing and doodling away until your heart’s content.  Either way, start fresh with a clean mind and an open mindset ready for the year ahead.

IMG_4306 Create A Routine.

I’ve read many, maybe even hundreds of articles about successful people who start their day with a routine as it balances out their day and creates space for new ideas and ambitions. So, of course, you guessed it, I had to try it. I found this extremely hard at first as I relied on my creative spirit to drive my day however when I burnt out I felt lost within myself and I would unconsciously overeat or miss gym sessions that were vital to my health. From this, I started with something small and built it up until my body and my mind felt happy as one.

At first, I found it frustrating and complicated trying to fit stuff into my hectic life every day but slowly as each day unfolded I found clarity in what I was doing and it created time for me to concentrate on what my soul truly desired, not to mention my health improving dramatically with each day.


 Don’t Regret What Makes You Who You Are. 

As each year unfolds we found ourselves regretting painful situations that implicated us in some shape or form, either from our own intentions (trust me I know how this feels) or being invoked by others. Instead of pushing those thoughts to the back of your head and eating a bucket load of comfort food, regretting every second of your existence, face your demons head on and be comforted by the fact that you made a mistake and learn from it. You can’t change it so embrace it, and live every day like the fearless god or goddess you were created to be.

 Your Health Is More Important Than Money

I have found many people this year dragging their bodies through carnage because they would much rather save their money for a night out at the weekend or some new clothes. Spend time and money, lots of it in fact on making yourself better from the inside out:  gym passes, retreats, fresh raw juices, organic products for your skin, indulge in a spa once a month, buy fresh fruit and veg for your pantry, have one of those instagramable baths with flowers and Himalayan salts, take a girls trip, take 2 days off work to relax because at the end of the day your health is what is going to help you create this happy life you dream of. Man or woman, child or senior, listen to what your bodies crave and feed them these delicious treats, not only will it make you happier but you will look back and think about how important the relationship between your body and your mind really is.


You only live each year once. Making sure that its one of your best is only up to what you do so why not start something positive for 2018 and create the life you dream of.


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