• Post-workout Smoothie

    I frequently get asked after I post some seriously delicious pictures of my smoothies what the secret is and why they taste so great! Well, folks, I decided to write it all down in one blog post so you can cook up some delicious smoothies all by yourself for a postworkout.


    The most important thing to remember after your workout, whether that be hot yoga where you sweat all the way through to your undies or vinyasa where the flow gets you dizzy and reaching for the water bottle every two minutes, the word HYDRATION springs to mind. This is the most important part as you lose many vital minerals when you sweat which means to keep your body in tip top condition you need to refuel and drink at least 500ml//1L to make up for it. Not only does water support our daily functions like healthy digestion system but it also gives you that after-workout glow that your skin desires and sexy hair to match. So get drinking!


    Frozen Banana – 1 but chopped up

    Chopped up dates x5

    Coco water – 1/2 cup

    Almond  milk – 1/2 cup

    Spinach / Kale  – handful

    Blueberries – 10g

    Maca powder – 1 tsp

    Coaco – 1 tsp

    Handful of Ice

    If you want to spruce up your energy levels try some of VITL Supplement powders which taste like a mix of all of your favorite spices, Cinnamon, ginger etc….


    (Make sure you blend for a good minute or so to really shred those spinach/kale leaves)

    The benefits from this smoothie are unreal which is why I take it pre-workout or after any work-out as it helps the body recuperate with lots of yummy organic food.

    • Protein in bananas helps regain your strength with more energy for longer periods of time which means instead of feeling tired and deflated after a serious spin class you will bounce right back up again and feel fuller for longer. Studies also show that eating bananas also help with weight loss.
    • Blueberries carry many antitoxins which are vital for your immune system, not only does it give your whole body a huge boost, their magic gives your skin the detox from the inside out.
    • Coconut water,  not as fresh as one from the tree but it helps tremendously with hydration as its proven to offer more than just drinking water from the tap.
    • Dates and organic cocoa offer the sweetness without the sugar content, they are a great natural sweetener and substitute if you’re keeping your sugar levels to a minimum but still need that sugar kick to end a good session.


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