• The Raw Truth

    Every year I write a post on Luke and my anniversary, as cringy and sickly as that may make you feel, it’s important for me because it’s like my own personal journal that thousands of people read, I note down all of the good points and maybe some of the bad If I’m feeling generous but majority of the post is down to love and how amazing it is. I thought I would spice this year up a little with the raw truth, yes you heard it here first.

    No rambling this year I promise. This post was actually inspired by my roommate, Fareez. We spend hours talking about relationships and inevitably come down to two separate sides to one argument. I thought I would write a bit about how mine and Luke’s relationship has grown over these years into this fruitful mix of love, humour and lots of pointless arguments.

    _MG_7083Luke – Believes everything that comes out of his mouth is right unless proved otherwise with specific and scientific evidence.

    Me – will argue until I fall into the trap of being cuddled in bed or on the sofa, however, will still hold a grudge until the next argument comes around.

    Luke – Sits on the toilet for hours at a time doing absolutely nothing, then when questioned about this pointless time keeping he argues back saying its “ME” time. Logistics anyone?

    Me – Tend to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible unless its to do with makeup and checking out my yoga muscles.

    CNV00021Luke- Eats everything and still doesn’t get fat.

    Me – Eat one piece of chocolate ( gains one pound)

    _MG_7294Luke – Efficient and ready to go at any point whether that be camping, work or the cinema.

    Me – Puts 3 alarms on and snoozes them all.

    d9d6bdf346293a438e46dee5e0797bc2Luke – Holds all emotions to himself even if he’s dying inside. Real men do not show emotions.

    Me – Crys all the time, at life, at food and especially at puppies.

    18015542_10211927094680068_1840647683_oLuke – Spends hours completing a project until all the details are finalised and he’s ready to go.

    Me – Starts well, after 30 minutes gets hungry and watches yoga videos then complains about how lazy I am to Luke.

    Luke – Practices headstands but fails, however, is determined to carry on.

    Me- Practices headstands and holds for 5 minutes (yoga teacher points)

    img_4331Luke – Sends me pictures of dogs all the time because he knows I love them.

    Me – Cries at pictures of puppies, hates luke for sending such cute and desirable creatures.



    Luke – Wants pizza all the time, even 7 days in a row. (Italy problems)

    Me – Eats one piece, becomes gluten intolerant and swears never to eat pizza again.

    Luke – Tries to understand what plant-based means and laughs in my face and every time I mention it.

    Me – Proud veggie and part-time vegan. I will preach if I have too.


    Luke – super cute behind closed doors, macho man in front of anyone else (Fareez knows the real you)

    Me – Super cute 100% of the time.


    Luke – Helps me with my Lululemon obsession by steering me instead towards Tkmaxx, where the clothes are 3/4 of the price.

    Me – Kisses him and tells him he’s a supportive boyfriend, Secretly goes to Lululemon on a day off and buys a £100 pair of pants…..

    Luke – Gets annoyed when I eat all the peanut butter but forgives me and buys another one.

    Me – Eats all the peanut butter and mashes it with jam and banana!

    Luke – Hates my obsession with sweet food.

    Me – Hates his obsession with pasta.


    Luke – Hikes lots of mountains without a care in the world, he could happily live in a cave somewhere deserted.

    Me – Constantly on edge whether we will get attacked by wolves or bears, legs ache and start moaning probably 1/4 of the way up.

    example ->_MG_7033

    Luke – Healthy and has a smoothie for dessert instead of granulated sugar in ice-cream or chocolate.

    Me – Buys vegan frozen yoghurt worth £5 with heaps of dark chocolate bits on and provides sufficient knowledge on how my body needs that much sugar.

    Luke – Complains about buying new clothes once again, however, changes dramatically when they are on and becomes mischievous.

    Me – Puts the clothes on, looks good and knows not to listen to him.

    Luke – Picks every film at the cinema without a second thought.

    Me – desperate to watch the thriller, put up a great argument and ends up watching the film luke wants because secretly you want to watch it too but it’s about the morals.


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