When I get Ideas for posts, I quickly note them down to make sure that when the times right I come back to them and empty my soul onto paper to just get it all out. Today’s topic inspired by my yoga classes and my teachers in India, we need to talk about Acknowledgment!

    Throughout my Yoga practice, I am constantly taught to stay in tune with my mind, controlled by the breath as its sole purpose during class is forget about any other presence outside of that space.  If it isn’t to do with Yoga, my teacher used to say it will not be apart of my practice.  This piece of information has stood with me throughout my whole yoga journey, at the very start of each class, I tell my students to empty their thoughts and bring themselves back to samadhi, the complete bliss of the mind because this way they learn to control their thoughts and the way they feel throughout their lives not just in Yoga.



    Today I woke up feeling somewhat gloomy, everyone has those days where you feel like life’s too hard and all you want to do is get back in bed and snuggle with your loved one or dog. Unfortunately, I had to arise from my slumber and start the day like every other working class person out there.  I had my breakfast and started work. I couldn’t help but notice, as the day went on that many people, had that same look of gloom lurking on their faces and in the way they carried themselves, most of which working but some even on their day off looked somewhat sad and desperate for an escape.

    I wanted to talk about a subject so close to me because yes, I am human and I feel deep emotions just like everybody else,  It seems to me that social media is a great way to voice your opinions but yet no one is voicing how they really feel. Some days I just want to watch Netflix and Chill, On other days I want to get up from my bed, head straight to yoga, smoothie in hand ready for a proactive day.  Other times I want to crawl into a hole and not exist.

    I want to tell you now that no matter what is going on in your lives, whether you just got out of a bad relationship or you made the wrong decision about a job or you don’t have enough money to buy those Christmas presents you wanted, maybe something so simple as you honestly don’t even know why you feel like this. I’m here to let you know that when those days get dark real fast and you feel like you in a never-ending spiral of pain and darkness, always know that there is a light at the tunnel and there are people are waiting to grab your hands and pull you into the light because, in the end, we all feel like this at some point in our lives.



    Being able to acknowledge that some days are bad is the first step towards happiness. I am no guru nor do I choose to be, but there are just some things we can relate to as humans and that one thing is sadness. We feel it, we dismay it, we even sometimes choose to ignore it but it’s super important for your health to be able to cope with it and prosper. You are stronger than you feel and think, no matter where you go the universe will always have your back and shed that light on you throughout that scary cave you crawl into during those dark times.

    This post is about acknowledging your darkness, being able to know that it’s there and it will always be there, some days stronger than others but you can get out of it. It’s how you choose to be when that strike of lightning comes what will determine your outcome. Be hopeful and be true to yourself.  For me when the days seem long I choose two things that make my life content. My Yoga mat and my journal.  The two pieces of me which require my talent and my willpower to work, once I start I can’t stop and that’s when I start to see the end, the beam of light people talk about. After an hour or so dedicating just my thoughts solely on the task ahead can I feel my shoulders drop with ease and my whole body subsides into a clear and calm state.


    When you feel that cloud of darkness swarming in, take time out for yourself to breath and relax. The sooner you dive into what makes you happiest and I’m not talking about material objects but activities, like walking the dog or going for a swim maybe even find some paper and scribble down the first thing that pops into your head. The sooner you do the sooner your heart will feel lighter and you will finally start to bring yourself back to life.  Find what settles your mind and creates calm in your body. Yoga is a great way to divert your attention, meditation also another proactive way of clearing the mind and allowing your body to just melt into the ground, whatever it is. Take the time for you! Because that is more important than any job, any marriage or commitment. You and your health are number 1#.


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    1. November 16, 2017 / 5:28 am

      So well written lovely!!! You’re amazing!!

      • November 16, 2017 / 12:40 pm

        No your amazing!! Miss you like my right foot 🌟

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