• 3 Reasons To Visit Norway

    Due to the number of questions, I have received on Norway I thought It would be best to write a post on how much I think people should go. Norway is a place many people don’t tend to visit due to its silent media attraction, this is one of the main reasons why I love it. It’s not jammed with tourists but people who wish to see beauty in the mountains and the trees instead of the vast beaches and tropical climates that seem to sweep Instagram off its feet.


    Have you ever wondered where the beauty lies in the world, where land spreads for miles and miles across a whole country, where the views no matter what mountain your standing is better than any pictures you have come across and lastly where camping is the better option than sleep in a house? Norway is your place to be.

    Landscapes To Die For


    When I looked out of my window on the airplane I thought I was going colorblind due to the amount of green and blue I saw coming from this beautiful place. I had mixed feelings about Norway but I found that when you start exploring you never really want to stop as it’s beauty is never ending and there’s so much to do!


    Hiking was our choice of exploration around fathers peak and Trolltunga, as you climbed you went through stages of warmth, excitement and a rush of adrenaline whereas when you started to hit the top you went through snow and ice with a breeze to chill your bones but equally the experience of being able to breathe in fresh and I mean fresh air is incredible, whilst trodding through a landscape of green hills, fresh waterfalls and mountains is exactly what I came here for. But don’t get me wrong the cities are just as good, filled with quirky bars and upstreet boutiques you could be out all night shopping until your arms ache and then settling into a bar where the feeling of content coziness fully submerges you as you share a pint and a laugh with the fellow locals.


    Adrenalin Rushes Are A Must.

    Norway isn’t known for its high street shops and incredible food, it’s known for its mountains and ridiculously long hikes. Luke and I have a real problem with walking up mountains, we don’t like it, we love it! After Trolltunga, we found the complete rush of standing thousands of feet above what seemed like the whole of Norway.  Mountains, lakes, and snow surrounded as we took photos on the ridge.


    I remember looking at Luke and thinking we had just completed an 11hour hike for the most spectacular view, I fell in love with Norway at that point. However, the heights aren’t one for the faint-hearted as there is a lot of looking down involved. During our Pulpit rock summit, we managed to inherit all of our strength to stand on a boulder dangling thousands of feet above the ground. Safe to say I was on there for about 1 minute tops.


    Great for A break.

    I know we aren’t the only couple who love exploring the outdoors, being here was really good for our personal growth as a couple and also as individuals. I would recommend Norway to friends too but as long as your no planning for a party holiday.  The atmosphere in this place whether your exploring the small city of Stavanger or the vastness of Oslo, the air seems fresher and the people just give off that genuine vibe which makes you feel way more relaxed, you feel like all of your responsibilities just fade into the ground.


    When you feel like I need space I picture myself in Norway hiking my troubles away. When I feel like Luke and I need to spend some quality time, as in being with each other and tech-free I picture being in Norway, pitching up a tent on a mountain edge because we couldn’t find a flat surface and Luke complaining about how one side was higher than the other. Or wandering aimlessly through the cobbled streets of old Stavanger town laughing about nothing and the sun just falling onto our skin as we waste the day just being with one another.




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    1. November 9, 2017 / 11:11 am

      love high mountain peaks. very bewitching view. amazing potography.love your travel stories and the way you write. thank you for sharing beautiful blog post

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