• My top 4 Yoga Instructors in Manchester

    When I have the time to pick between classes I scout around for when my favorite teachers are teaching and where. This isn’t because I’m super picky about my classes, it’s just that I enjoy what the teachers have to offer in terms of their atmosphere, connection and flow, Yoga for me is a lifestyle so it has to compliment my daily routine and enhance my practice. For a yoga class to stick in my memories I have to like not only the style that they teach but also, and this is pretty lazy of me but how far the studio is.  If it’s 15-minute walk I can do that but having to get transport for a 1-hour session just won’t fit into my daily routine.  This isn’t to say there aren’t better teachers out there but It’s just a personal favourite of mine who I’ve chosen for this post who are all located in Manchester City Centre.

    I am a little biased in this post as all the teachers I have picked vary in different techniques but specifically dabble in Vinyasa flow as that is my favorite style of Yoga. The crazy part is that majority of the classes I love are taught by teachers who have experience in dance or were some form of dancer previous to yoga.  Maybe this is why we jell well during classes.

    Sue Hodgkinson


    “Her yoga practice helped her to hold off injury and to keep her flexible. When she retired from dance, she turned to yoga to ward off the increased stiffness in her body, reclaiming her flexibility and finding a new inner calmness”.
    Part of me feels like this is what I want to work up to be like in my Yoga career, this incredibly dedicated, strong but gentle Yogi. The way she teaches instantly moves you off the mat like your flowing through the air, she gives you power and lets you take control.  I can’t say I’m ever disappointed coming to her class because she just gives you life in your practice and so much more, maybe that’s why her classes are always full.

    Classes – The life Centre 

    Friday hot yoga – 12:30 – 1:30 / Monday Hot fushion YinYang – 18:00-19:00 / 19:15 – 20:15pm

     India Hewitt


    “India began practicing yoga to complement contemporary dance training as a teenager and became fully immersed in her practicing after moving to Manchester for the university.  Following the decision to drop out of university, India completed her 200-hour teacher training with YogaHaven in Morocco in September 2014”.
    India’s style of teaching is dynamic, strenuous and a whole lot of flow which is exactly why I love her classes. I can see her incorporate her dance experience into her flows which is what makes her so unique.  I always feel incredible after leaving her class, the feeling is similar to leaving the spa, rejuvenated and refreshed.

    Classes at The Life Centre

    Sunday – Vinyasa flow – 9:45-11am / Thursday 13:00-14:00 / Monday 19:30-20:30

    Lianne Daly 


    “Heading to a yoga studio for the first time in 2011, I expected to experience an hour of complete relaxation, however I was shocked to discover a stiff body, a thumping heartbeat and a world of critical voices in my head; as I continued the practice my mind began to quieten, my breath began to deepen, and my body became strong.
    Both on and off the mat I came to understand the importance of being; gentle but determined, understanding but firm and patient but persevering; in all areas of life”.
    I first attended Lianne’s class after I returned from traveling; frustrated and travel sick I took all my anger out on people instead of exercises. When I stepped onto my mat for the first time in months all I could feel was my anger and agitation dripping away.  Her presence was divine, she lit up the room with her energy and created a mood that not only represented strength but quality in the way we moved our bodies. I instantly felt better and even though I maintain a busy schedule I will always try and go to her classes whenever I can.

    Classes at Studio 25 

    Tuesday 12:15-13:00 / Wednesday 18:00-18:45


    Marley Hague 


    IMG_2132-1“I am trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa but my class style is usually more Vinyasa led. My classes are mixed level so everyone is always welcome and I like to have fun with my classes, so even though we work hard I want my students to always leave with a smile on their faces”.
    My first class with Marley was at the Lululemon showroom in Manchester. I felt nervous as this was my first class at the showroom ever and all I ever heard was how good the teachers were that taught there. She started the class with a short meditation focusing on the breath and centering ourselves.  From the second I closed my eyes I was hooked. Her voice and way of leading you through the asanas were like listening to a meditation track. Pure bliss.  During the class I saw the determination in peoples eyes, their bodies filtering the sweat and making its way to the floor, the atmosphere was like someone had created an army of yogis, it was insane.

    classes at HotYoganic

    Yin – Monday 19:30 – 20:30 / Vinyasa (Gymandjuiceuk) – Thursday – 19:00-20:00



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