• 3 Key Points About India 🇮🇳 

    India is one of many places that should be on your bucket list, It’s colourful culture captivates you every day with women strolling around looking incredibly beautiful in their homemade saris, (Which on a hot day boil you to the bone) food prepared with neverending taste and scenery that leaves you speechless no matter what part of India you travel too.

    After I booked my flight I was constantly on Pinterest and Google searching for the most spectacular places to visit making sure I always carried my camera by my side so I didn’t  miss a single shot.  The only problem with carrying a camera is that it will never quite, no matter how incredibly expensive the lens is will catch the real beauty of what’s all around you.  I have met many people who say they have travelled but haven’t actually left the complex they are staying in, I’m not saying I’m this know it all traveller but in my opinion you have to be able to experience a country whilst you’re there, not just live through your lens or in your local bar.
    Ok rant over, from my visit I picked up some points which I really believe would have helped me before I left as I didn’t do my research and only scrolled through photographs rather than advice columns as I guess many other travellers do. (Bridget Jones of Travelling.) I hope they help you In times of need and endeavour.
    Lesson 1. India will test your limits.
    I learnt a lot about who I was in India, every emotion that could possibly exist, I definitely went through with a whole lot more
    There are times when you feel like your heads going to explode because of the true nature of the Indian people.  For me, coming from a fast-paced life with a constant timetable of events, I was used to that way of living and for them, there is no such thing as a schedule, they live life as it comes day by day.  I don’t think anyone even owns a diary over there.
    I experienced love when I saw the free cows munching on Banana peels with their loved ones, I felt the pain in children’s eyes when they begged me for money, food, anything just to help their families.  I felt the excitement as I joined a new course filled with teachers and new people which inevitable would change my life.  I felt utterly terrified when Tuk Tuks would drive like crazy people on motorways.  Moments of unease as I was watched by hundreds of people on every street that I walked down.  Joy when I graduated from the hardest course I have experienced in the 21 years of living.  Survival on the trains as we sat with strangers for long periods of time each curious as to who I was.  I felt grateful for having such a close friend to me as we went through thick and thin.
    Lesson 2. Always keep your wits about you. 
    Personally, I don’t really know anyone unfriendly.  I choose my friends wisely when it comes to this but India is different.  To be friendly over there is dangerous.  Sometimes I wish it wasn’t but you have to understand you’re in their territory so being too friendly can make people curious and as a young girl with pale skin and blue eyes that is a bad trait to own.  Just be kind but firm as people will take advantage of your loving spirit and turn it against you. It’s also very strange that in India you don’t see a lot of people smiling, maybe they find it strange or they just don’t do it so either way keep your smile to yourself and the ones you trust.
    Lesson 3. Practise your trust skills. 
    Everyone will try to befriend you as your a foreigner and they associate that with power and money. I went through so many friendships that slowly devoured into dust as I found out their true colours. I don’t want to discourage you as there are some beautiful people who all they want to do is help you and get to know you but just be careful that if you are getting service from someone, just try and get to the main purpose out of the person first and then establish a friendship through trust and not money.


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