• Yoga Teacher Training Experience 

    Choosing a yoga school is like picking a University, you should do your research before choosing and not just go off the fancey videos and photos they provide as not every school is what they seem. Some require your attention 24/7 with the deciplin of a golden retriever, some require you for half the day and want you to spend your free time ventureing outwards and the rest expect you to pay attention in class because you payed for it but don’t actually care.

    My experience was a little different, maybe a mix of all  3.  My course consisted of 14 hours of both physical and mental training Starting with a 5am wake up call and a banana. After the first vinyasa class which was adjustments which we loved, we all melted knowing our second class was depaks, aka sun salutations class. He used to drill into us the correct version everyday for 4 weeks until we physically couldn’t take it anymore! It was painfully fustrating but I now truly respect him and his forced labour as my alignment is perfect and my warriors are fierce.

    I had little expectations for theory as I didn’t really research that side of the course which is stupid on my behalf but majority of people only look for the physically side of training as that will be their main aspect when teaching.  It was great in some ways but a waste of time in others, all in all it was an experience which I’m greatful for and will never forget because it is physically drilled into my head.

    During my course I went through a series of emotions which every student goes through, from the highest of the high to the lowest of the lows, some partly to do with the course and some due to the fact it was India and my westernised mentality couldn’t cope with it’s surroundings. The little things seemed to bug me after a while like the wifi not working for 2 days during my brothers birthday, the food was a constant cycle of dal and rice and the fact that our school didn’t provide us with the right equipment for the course but that again is another one of indias many qualities. We sometimes forget that we westerners take for granted the basic living requirements and when we loose contact with them we know little on how to survive which for me was the reason why I wanted to experience India in it’s rawness and not just another fancey yoga school in London.

    Don’t get my wrong I loved my time at Vinyasa yoga school because the course was made by the amazing people there, the teachers who dedicated their practises to you and the animals surrounding it.  We ate delicious food together, had far too many private jokes, enhanced our practises by testing one another and made friends for life from all over the world.  The buckets of sweat and tears were all worth the hours of laughter we had, not as classmates but as yoga teachers Sharing one experience.
    This post was hard for me to write because I wanted to be truthful about what I say. I get so many mixed messages by reading people’s fake reviews which don’t actually portray their real experiences. Overall my training was surreal because it taught me the meaning of drive and dedication. I learnt how to cope during those long hot classes that felt like they went on for days, the moments when I would snuggle with Maysem and we would get upset because all we wanted was some damn vegan chocolate cake, the constant struggle to adjust to the patience of India, lack of sleep and monkeys interrupting our classes but for me the moment when I stepped onto my mat I found that I had grown. I didn’t feel like I was a 21 year old girl stepping on her mat to do another yoga class I was first and foremost a teacher of something I adored and that to me was the most powerful part.

    To everyone who shared my journey with me I am so blessed to have met you, thanks for being there through the good and the bad. All I can say is congratulations we did it🙌


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    1. November 28, 2017 / 6:34 am

      very beautiful and amazing pictures. congratulations to become a yoga certified trainner. keep sharing keep in touch . happy blogging

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