• Trolltunga Hike

    If you haven’t heard of Trolltunga which in Norwegian terms stands for the trolls tongue you clearly havent lived very long. Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway with its popularity known globally, thousands of people climb it every year.  It is situated about 1100 meters above sea level, hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet. Let me tell you its one hell of a hike averaging at 10-12 hours return.

    As I bought Luke a trip to Norway for his birthday, I decided not to plan out an itinerary, one because my plans never stay in tact and two because it’s the only time Luke  will plan out which hikes he wants to do first! Once we arrived, we got our speedy little hire car and kitted it out with our new but expensive camping gear, we decided that the first hike we would do would be Trolltunga as it’s furthest away and we kind of wanted to get it done so we can explore the rest of Norway.
    In my other posts about Norway I will be talking about the scenery and the vast landscapes that Norway has to offer but this post is specifically about our experience during the hike. Imagine me saying this with background music and glaring eyes, THE HIKE OF DOOM. No it wasn’t that bad but it was harder than Mount Tarranki for sure.
    We started the hike with Luke carrying everything as every man does (10kg bag) and me complaining with my 3kg bag, amongst the greenery and ques of boulders to elevate the climb. That part wasn’t so bad because the sun was shining through the clouds whilst we were snuggled in our warm coats and handy thermals. After about 2 Hours is when the damage started to take place as we had set off on our first day after a 5 hour drive at 6:30pm. Baring in mind that the sun doesn’t actually set until after 11:30pm here so we had a fair few hours before we had to set up camp, as we starting the ascent  we found the steps to be bigger, the boulders to be slipper and the weather turning with a wind that made you want to crawl into a ball inside a huge open fire.

    With Trolltunga it was one of those hikes where you picture a steep incline and imagine that after all that hard work the magic would be on the other side, unfortunately it was not and by this point we had climbed a fair few feet into the air ( instagram @two_bohemians for our pictures) By this point it was getting colder and we no longer walked amongst the green grass and the endless boulders, we were now treding in thick snow.
    When we asked for information about the hike before we set  off as everyone should do, there was one other couple who were camping up on the mountain like us, Luke convinced me there would be other hikers up there but unfortunately I could not spot any amongst the snow and fog.

    That’s another thing to mention, when you’re ridiculously high within the clouds, fog seems to think it’s a great idea to join you! As we walked through the fog and ice I found myself in a complete state, why you ask well from the blurry picture below the fog consumed majority of my vision, I, being a panic merchant decided to assume there must be snow wolves hiding in the background or if you love horror movies like me you go into complete survival mode concluding that there is someone watching, no waiting with a knife at hand or if their creative a bow and arrow to kill you in the distance. With no-one around by this point, completely indulged in the snowy climate we continued forward. After a few breakdowns from my behalf of course.
    After the colourful but amazing sleep which concluded at 12:30am we raised from the dead once again at 5am to finish off the venture we once started. The snow had turned  icey over night which made Lukes fallings even more funny but also made the walk harder than it should’ve been. The sun decided to awaken with us but instead of sticking around brought the clouds with her, despite the weather though it was well worth the 11 hours of pure sweat to get to the top.
    Trollsttoungue was breathtaking, I’m not talking about when you see a sunset or a palm tree kind’ve cool but physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every nerve in my body stood up in amazement. The mountains covered in snow in the distance gave off the winter ascetic, whilst standing thousands of meters above the lake gave you the thrill seeking that people in life crave. I couldn’t grasp how nature could create something so devishly perfect, these moments are when you need to contain your strength, it gives you more life knowing that places like really do exist and they are not yet ruined by civilisation.
    The rest of the photos are linked to the twobohemians website – twobohemians.com


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