• How Yoga Changed My Life

    I found in early June 2015 that I was restricted in a lot of ways to practise my dancing whilst traveling around Australia. Being too free meant that I spent little time investing in research on what could have lead to a solution to my dance dilemma but instead gifted me with yoga instead.  This happened to be the beginning of something that would, overtime change the whole course of my life.

    I spent majority of my time as a kid practising Contemporary dance as I got accepted into a Dance company at the age of 13.  I was either at school or at dance, I was that person who rejected every event because I had shows to rehearse for or I had classes to attend. When I went traveling I found it hard to practise my art as I couldn’t really find studios close by and honestly, never really stayed anywhere long enough to get memberships.
    I found the yoga hub In cairns after a friend recommended the class to me as it was every Sunday and luckily a donation class as my funds were pretty low.  We started to go to together and then when she couldn’t go, I dragged my boyfriend who after a few classes really started to enjoy it.  From there became a love affair where I travelled around in search of studios across the whole of Australia as I couldn’t get enough of yoga and it’s transforming ways.
    Yoga is such a big part of people lives, it became a huge part of mine.  I began waking up eager to get my ass in a class, sipping green juices for breakfast, even cleansing became a thing. Luke was so mad that I spent $70 on juice, but he didn’t see what I saw, I saw an opportunity to learn about my body and the way it works on certain diets and routines. The best part was that I was slowly feeding my body into a new way of life without even knowing.
    The art form is many things to many different people, I say that because it changes peoples perspective depending on type of factors, I once went to a class on a total high from the sunbathing and cocktail drinking before hand to come out and feel really sad because I had really connected to myself and dove way deeper than I realised. You can wake up and look at your mat one day and think “you’re the bain of my life” or you can look it with an open heart and just say “lets do this”
    Yoga has taught me to conquer my fears, learn to trust my gut more and generally create a great relationship between me and exercise as there wasn’t really one before.  Being from a dancer background I can connect the dots more with the postures and how they benefit me in ways dance couldn’t.  For example I have problems with my knees, I feel constantly dragged down by them, sometimes I feel like they’re not even my knees the way they act but I used that in yoga as my advantage, it strengthened them with simple exercises that I practised over and over.  Athletes will say the same thing, practise and you will see results in not only your physical body but mentally, majority of trainers can see a huge difference when they don’t practise yoga which then promotes a healthy cycle to develop in which the mind and body connect.
    Most importantly I learnt that yoga is for everyone. Shape, size, weight, age and disability.  Practitioners have perfected hundreds of routines to suite people of their needs which is why when people ask me about certain areas they struggle with I direct them to different teachers as I feel their approach would be much more appreciated than a teacher that trains everyone the same.  I started from the bottom of yoga not really much flexibility and over time my muscles became stronger and more focused because I pushed myself to focus more, I tried so hard to just get that bit further into a posture so tomorrow I would feel the benefits of it.
    My advice for anyone wanting to try is just go for it.  I know classes can be nerve racking so try the social route with classes online first.  In this day and age we need that stillness to create balance between our busy lives, we need to be able to connect with our bodies to understand what we truly want out of life, or if you’re not going to dive too deep what do you want out of your practise? Ask yourself and see what you come up with.


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