• Life Lessons From Norway

    I cannot put into words how this place changed me, It’s natural beauty that literally, I’m not even joking, covered the landscape from top to bottom, the people who lived life like they used 100 years ago, and the mountains that seem to control the world below. Norway is spectacular in many ways but what I learnt from being there is a whole other story. 
    Life lessons to me come in all shapes and size’s, sometimes people are a life lesson and you just have to learn from it and go with the flow. Recently I have been tuning into my body more, learning to listen to the natural flow of my energy.  Norway, for me seemed easy, the life just seemed so content especially in Stavanger’s old town, picture the perfect house covered in white paint with a garden filled with flowers and small picket fences, yes in Norway house dreams really do come true.

    Get outside. 

    I found myself watching everyday people just out doing errands, cleaning their garden hiking. These people crave the fresh air, they wake up just to be outside. I found it quite contagious after a while, I didn’t want to sleep I just wanted to be close to ground, the huge trees and the vast landscapes.

      Be creative. 

    As I was talking about the town earlier from Oslo to Stavanger I experienced hundreds of houses made from wood. Now that might not seem interesting but when you looked closely you recognised that not one house was built the same. They took so much pride in keeping their land how they wanted it, on numerous occasions I was pointing at houses to Luke  screaming I want to live there! Not my best move as he was concentrating on driving.  The best one I saw was a house on its own island,  if that didn’t blow you away it even had its own slide into the lake surrounding it……

      Walk and keep walking. 

    We all need exercise I get that but these people love to walk everywhere, the amount of hikers we came across during our trips to Trolltunga and Pulpit Rock was insane, some of them, locals just wanting to spend their Sunday doing a 22 km hike. Everyone was fit and rearing to go.

    4. Make time for nature. 

    These people live in one of the most captivating places I have ever seen, green is the colour you describe when talking about Norway. The problem for us city lovers is that we don’t have enough green to wake up to, Norway reminded me to get out of the city and explore, find your local national park and just go. The air tasted fresher, we drank water from a stream and it still tasted better than the water we drink in the city and there was no rubbish anywhere, just clean earth.  Allow yourself time to breath, nothing is better for the mind, body and soul than to be around in the wilderness, it’s in our caveman genes, we actually live better when we are surrounded by nature.


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