• How To Budget for Traveling

    I’ve been situated in england for almost 6  months now after my 2 year stint of travelling.  I found myself wanting more out of life than just travelling then working, traveling and more working, sometimes you feel yourself getting tired of the mediocre jobs you have to take on just for those few months of pleasure, I found myself thinking during those lost hours of pointless work “how do I afford to get back on the road” And then it hit me.

    IMG_3133Many people, since we set off on our adventure have been asking me questions like:
    “How do you save?”
    “where does all your money come from”
    “How do you afford to live and travel?”
    If you ask any traveler who’s just starting out they will explain to you the exact same reasons which are on this post.  Traveling is a way of life, it’s not something you just walk into and boom your a traveler will billions to spare.  There is so much preparation behind the scenes that unless you actually do it you will never understand the tricks of the trade.
    Firstly I am not born from a wealthy family.  I make my money just like every young person out there, however I do have food on my table, a roof over my head and constant love and support which gives me wealth in many ways.  Now if your raised in my kind of situation hard work is a must because your money isn’t going to just grow off trees. You need to be aware that no matter how hard it may seem you must keep going.  Obviously if you literally can’t stand going in there and crying everyday then just find another job but don’t be quitting at the first hurdle. I’ve been through some terrible jobs just for the money and trust me It will all be worth it when you step on that plane and wave good bye to the world.
    Luke and I use a strategy which has worked for many years now. We both work part time in some form of hospitality job because we have security that way and a constant wage slipping into our bank accounts every month however we have made progress over the years by using our creative forms such as managing events, online shops, market stalls and blogging to gain extra profit for our trips.  Each of these are tools to push you into the saving pod in which your travel fund is made from.  If you have a talent or a skill use it to your advantage and make it sell.  Yes sell your blood, heart and soul if you must, don’t be one of those begging backpackers that can’t be bothered to put in the work to pay for their own funds. You never know what could come of it, It could pay for you next ticket out of here.
    Right now Luke and I are currently working on a few collaborations with different travel companies which is perfect for us as we use this platform to promote our social media accounts and also gain discount off tours and flights. Really it’s a win win situation.



    Working part time or even full time is worth the amount of hours as the money is stable right now for traveling and that’s what you need if your planning on a long trip.

    I hate it too. The crappy hours, the late nights, the constant feeling of wishing you would get run over so you don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  It’s painful and hard but so is life. I don’t mean to sound like a nagging mum here but Suck it up and start saving your cash because there is nothing worse than spending it all on one good night out and then realising you’ve got to work another 3 months to make it up again.  If someone said to you “if you do this job for a week I’ll pay for your flights to Thailand,” you would do it right?

    STOP wasting your money on useless things like clothes and make up. 

    Saving is exactly what it means, TO SAVE.  I used to spend probably hundreds of pounds a month buying clothes which I never actually needed, think how much money you will save if you didn’t buy that jacket that’s on sale or those shoes that are on half price.  Always think about your dream first and then think will this contribute to that dream? if not put it down and move along.  Avoid shopping centres when your saving, They’re the worst for your tight ass pocket.

    Create a Travel jar. 

    This ones fun because not only is it Instagram worthy but it’s also a great reminder that you are saving for something worthwhile.  I put mine on my desk so every time I sit down to work after a painful day I can see exactly what I’m working towards plus seeing the jar get fuller and fuller everyday really gets you excited.

    Write Lists

    Also another favourite.  Finding time to put your priorities straight is always a hassle, diaries are great but they don’t tell you what you need to get done during the day.  I always write a list of bills I need to pay and other expenses each month so I can work out how much I can save and what I can spend that won’t effect my budget in the long haul.

    Put a stop on your credit card.

    Spending bits and bobs here and there might not add up to much in your head but have you ever received your statement and felt paralysed by the amount at the bottom because you had no idea them 7 mars bars would actually add up £7. Use that as an example of what not to do.  I always set myself limits every month so that I can’t physically go over my limit unless it’s buying flights or for travel purpose things.  Be kind to yourself though because sometimes accidents happen so just make sure you get back on the band wagon if you fall off.

    Food Is a Money Monster.

    Going out at the weekend or buying some new clothes happens to be majority of peoples downfalls, mine however is always food.  I could live off buying meals everyday, I know it sounds stupid but it’s true.  I’ve found that my eyes are way too big for my stomach so I always end up buying food that I could of easily made at home but instead didn’t and spent about £5.  This also applies to buying coffee, If your job is killing you and you need coffee to survive, start juicing as its a healthly alternative and it gives you more energy wise.  Get up that extra bit early and make lunch for yourself, don’t let the foodie inside take control over your spending habits because at the end of the day will you reminisce on that £5 burrito for the rest of your life? Or would you rather remember  that plane ticket you bought to the Bahamas?

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    1. May 8, 2017 / 4:58 pm

      I am on a mission to save for my next trip. The biggest wallet drainer for me is definitely food. Trying to get better about making my lunches though :).

      • May 21, 2017 / 9:38 pm

        It’s always good to make food before hand, I know what you mean about those snacks though 😭 x

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