• VITL – What Is It?

    VITL is one of those brands where you see it plastered all over Instagram and popping up in your newsfeed full of yummy looking foodie pictures and health geeks flying around with their yoga mats.  I first thought it was too good to be true, another one of those quick fixes where I could take it and feel the difference straight away like all the adverts say in every supplement supplied by Instagram.  Little did I know I was completely wrong, my mum happened to show me the supplement when I was struggling turning vegan due to my poor diet and lack of cooking skills. (Mum did try her best to teach me)  I found it hard to get my daily minerals requirements and essential vitamins from just food alone and because of this, my body started to sag as it just wasn’t used to the change and lack of nutrients going through my system especially since I worked out 5 times a week.  However this special little pack doesn’t just work for vegans, it’s also for people who are maybe deficient in certain minerals or lacking in one or two vitamins in their daily diet.  Really it’s everything you need to start the day no matter what food group your in. As plenty of you already know that our body is made up of 70% diet and 30% food making it more of a priority what is being put into your body than what you are working off.
    Honestly, I’m not great when it comes to tablets, sure I can eat them and not really care about what they’re made of but this was a different situation.  I was going to be putting these bad boys into my body everyday, scary thought right? It’s not your typical dose of paracetamol let me tell you! I found after 3 days of taking them my mood started to lift, my energy levels were bouncing and I felt my body getting stronger with each day.  Now a typical routine like the pill is not on everyone’s bucket list but trust me taking these babies every morning with a glass of water and your cereal will make it all worthwhile. They even have it labeled for you incase you forget what day your on!

    To get yourself some cheeky discount Share VITL with a friend and you’ll get a Free 2-Week Trial worth £20 when they sign up.


    VITL Nutrition Packs are designed to provide you with a comprehensive range of nutrients to help your body function at it’s best. We’ve put everything you need in one convenient box

    One of the many VITL packs is made up of 4 supplements personalised by experienced and respected experts which have spent days researching to their fullest how to incorporate 4 tiny tablets to keep you fighting fit all day long.



    A comprehensive range of essential vitamins and minerals which contribute to your general health and wellbeing.


    The omega-3 in krill oil is absorbed better by the body than fish oil, with no fishy aftertaste. Sustainably harvested and free from contaminants.


    Essential balancing minerals to help reduce fatigue, regulate muscle and nervous systems, and maintain healthy teeth and bones.


    A unique blend of natural antioxidants providing a rich concentration of nutrients.


    As the VITL team grows bigger so do their products:

    VITL Greens

    Delicious superfoods sachets to add to water, smoothies or your favourite recipes, jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish your body instantly

    VITL Pregnancy

    Support your body with the purest, highest quality and most absorbable nutrients your body needs through each stage of your pregnancy

    Each playing their own vital part in your body one magical step at a time.  Now each of these tablets has been researched to provide the best possible results in keeping your body at optimum level.  They are also made with top quality ingredients, that stay fresher for longer whilst providing you with green goodness.

    Dr Megan Rossi PhD RD
    Gut Health Expert

    Adam O’Shea
    Specialist Biomechanics Coach

    Daisy Whitbread
    Nutrition Expert

    Lily Soutter
    Nutrition Expert


    Now if your not one for just going off one post and you need to know more about it the VITL website is full of facts to keep you satisfied with your daily dose, plus they also provide you with delicious homemade recipes to keep you eating healthy and your body in top tip condition at all times. I especially love the cake section they have as it feeds my sweet tooth and doesn’t make me feel bad about it…….

    VITL has also created a free personalised consultation on their App where you can take a few multiple choice questions and see whats happing on the inside rather than feeling low and unenthusiastic.  Your body varies depending on the answers you give for example if you are lacking in energy or sleep deprived the app will tell you ways in which you can change your routine with great little recipes and fitness activities to get you back to grade A and which supplements would be best for you at this point in your routine.  It’s like having a personal dietist and PT at your beck and call for FREE.

    “Using advanced diagnostic technology – delivered through a free mobile app – we create personalised packs of high quality supplements to get you at your best”

    Download the Free App Here 

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