• Deansgate Shoot

    This was one of my more unconventional days where everything seemed to go wrong. You know when you feel like the universe is just not on your side, well today was one of those days, hot yoga broke me in ways I can’t explain, not only did it shake my self-esteem into thinking I need to train so much harder but I then broke my phone screen during the actual shoot which to most people is tragic enough but no the universe gave me one last sign as I went to pick up a bag rolling around on the floor because I hate litter and not only was I wearing BRAND NEW WHITE lululemon pants (PRICE IS NOT EVEN WORTH DISCUSSING)  but the reason why the bag was on the floor in the first place was in fact it was covered in ink. Now I don’t really have to explain how that ended up.  Despite the horrific turnover of my day I ended up with with awesome shots by Fareez.
    Enjoy x


    Photos by : Fareez Mezurashii Hafiz

    Instagram: @k.u.i.c

    Top – H&M

    Pants – Lululemon 

    Instagram: @tillywhitworth 


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