5 Traits You Gain From Traveling

There is a process in which you go through when you first experience traveling.  It’s almost like a lost code which you have finally rediscovered from the hidden depths of the sea.  It changes you, not just your physical self but your emotion wellbeing, a self that not many of your friends will understand, your parents can’t seem to make sense of it either.  It’s a part of you which only you yourself will understand.

 1. Emotional Changes

I found with traveling that not everyone becomes someone different.  Now by what I mean by that is you get the people who change drastically into complete strangers because their experiences had such a strong hold on their lives, You get the people whose experiences barely touched them and they come back exactly the same as if they left yesterday and then finally you get the people who look the same on the outside but you can see in their eyes that their has been a fire lit in their soul. The mental challenges you go through whilst you travel age you in such a way that people who weren’t there can’t possibly understand. It’s like your whole mind has been stretched, cleaned and renewed again. In a way it’s like you’ve been reborn again.


2.  Real Life Becomes Boring. 

This is the most known fact about travellers who come home. They can’t seem to grasp living in normal situations anymore.  Imagine living on such highs for long periods of time,  adventures everyday,  trying new cuisine and just being completely free in everything you do to then waking up at 7AM to do a 9-5 job boring ass job, living in your parents house in your old home town.  It honestly feels like you’ve been shoved in a cage and thrown to the lions. Not that family isn’t great but We can’t seem to get out of the mindset that there is always something new to see or places to explore.  The normal life you used to love will become the life you wish you will never live.


3.  Creative Outlets 

You find that when you get back that your mind is so much more open to new possibilites that your literally accepting every request on Facebook for new events because your just itching to try something different.  I found that when I came back I was aching to start new careers opportunities, sports and just general creative projects because my mind was in overload in everything I learnt from the previous exploration.  I found that I attracted more creative people in my life because I started to change the way I looked at the universe, I saw potential in things I never saw before, people I had never met. The world becomes full of endless possibilities.


4.  Confidence 

The major personality trait which everyone comes back with.  To travel as a solo backpacker or even as a couple you become  more confident in everything you do. Travelling allows you to be whoever you want to be, to push yourself out of your boundaries and create a whole new identity inside your body.   You go through so many challenges when you travel that when you get back to normal life the experiences that used to freak you out, you can now easily pass them with flying colours. For example the fear of making new friends at a new job used to seem like the hardest thing in the world now seems like a piece of cake compared to falling out of a plane at 15,000 ft.

Image 09-02-2017 at 13.53.jpg

5. Different Perspective On Life. 

You learn to follow your heart more when you travel.  It’s like you find this new person who you never knew existed and they transform your life.  I see so many people go on and on about how their life decisions will depend on the outcome of their travels but that’s not even the case anymore.  You learn more about yourself as a whole, your decisions stop depending on how much money you have and become more about what makes you happy.  I went to Australia feeling secure on my future career as an actor and came back wanting to be a yoga instructor and travel journalist.  Now I’m not saying you will come back and realise exactly what you want to do like me because sometimes that’s not the case.  There will be days where you will wake up and feel like your stranded on an Island with no hope of being rescued.  Life is what you make it so if you find that you come back from traveling lost then don’t stress, there is never a straight road to happiness so enjoy the bumps, the never ending bridges and the cliff hangers.


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